Pucker Up!

Prepare for a Valentine’s snogfest with our pick of the best lip products

Posted: 11.02.13

No. 1 for a plumper pout: Plump & Shine £19.95 or £59.85 for 3
A gloss that makes your lips look luscious while adding volume at the same time? Yes please! Plump and Shine seductive lipglosses are guaranteed to tease and please and are available in three subtle shades; Candy, Seduce and Nude. They feel ultra smooth when you apply them making your lips feel extra soft, and with their shimmering finish they’ll make your lips look utterly appealing too.

No. 1 for super shininess: Technic’s Light Up Gloss £2.29
The ultimate beauty essential for taking on a date, Technic’s Light Up Lipglosses not only looks gorgeous, giving you a perfectly kissable pout, they have a handy concealed light in the lid helping you to reapply more easily when you’re on a night out. There’s also a sneaky mirror so you can check there’s no crumbs on you before you go in for the kiss!

No. 1 for a bigger smile: Novelty pots (£5.95-£7.95)
These are likely to be the most adorable thing you have in your make-up kit! The Glamour Pucker Ducks (£5.95 for 2) will give you a chuckle every time you use them while the Naughty But Nice (£7.95 for 4) set are as lip smackingly tasty as they look. Four fabulous calorie free flavours, the perfect treat for your lips and your hips.

No.1 for lickable lips: Make Your Own Chocolate Lip Balm £14.95
Flavoured lipglosses are too good to waste on kissing, you’re better off enjoying them yourself…or with your friends. This fun kit includes everything you need to makes four little lip balms that are the perfect Valentine’s gift for your girlfriends. Containing only natural ingredients like beeswax and cocoa butter along with 70% real dark chocolate they're as satisfying to wear as they are to give out.

No. 1 for soft skin: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Liplift £20.70
Just like your face needs a good base before you apply foundation, your lips needs some TLC before you add the colour. Guerlain Kiss Kiss is a smoothing lipstick primer. Its silky texture glides onto your lips, leaving them smoothed and plumped, providing a perfect base that will ensure your lip colour lasts as long-lasting as possible. 
But that’s not all. One coat and your lips will also look defined and contoured, making the shape of your mouth a whole lot more alluring.

No. 1 natural colour: New CID Cosmetics i-pout £16
Rosy red lips are the only colour you should be sporting for Valentines, but nothing too bold; you want to look seductive rather than scary! The New CID Cosmetics range includes 12 sexy shades suitable for all skin tones from scarlet (pictured) to pinker shades like Belle and Berrylicious.
Their creamy vitamin enriched formula keeps your lips in tip top condition while an in-built light can be switched on for easy application.


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