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Elemis team up with Priya Lakhani's charity SOCA

Posted: 13.06.12

One of Elemis’s best-loved products, the Papaya Enzyme Peel (£28.60) has been re-launched this summer with a new design, and a social conscious. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the luxury beauty brand asked British artist Laura Oakes to bring a fresh summery makeover to the packaging.

The tropical themed tube is bursting with bold, bright seasonal colours while inside you’ll find the same, fruity smelling peel. Elemis have also teamed up with Priya Lakhani, sounder of SOCA (Socially Conscious), a charity dedicated to alleviating poverty and malnutrition around the globe, who give 100% of all the donations they receive from brands to one of their programmes.

For every Papaya Enzyme Peel sold, a 5-in-1 vaccine is paid for, to immunise a child in Africa against five leading diseases.

On deciding to team up with SOCA, Elemis’ Marketing Director Oriele Frank said: ‘The papaya and pineapple extracts we use in the formula for the peel are sourced in Kenya and Congo and we felt it would be fantastic to give something back to the communities. When we met Priya, we immediately wanted to support her charity.’ Elemis and SOCA hope to donate 50,000 vaccines through sales of the product.

If you haven’t yet tried the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, you are missing out! Its deliciously scented creamy base feels smooth against the skin; simply apply over a cleansed face they lay down and relax for 10 minutes (a word of warning, it smells so divine you may nod off into your own tropical fantasy), while the super product gets to work.

The active enzyme Papain dissolves dry and dead skin cells giving you a healthy glow and instant ‘pick me up’. Leave it on for 10 minutes then remove with a damp cloth. Your face will feel so radiant you won’t want to hide away your naturally clean and healthy looking skin under any make-up!

Speaking of the collaboration, Priya said: ‘The support we’ve received from Elemis makes them a role model for British businesses and I’m really excited that our partnership with be the springboard for more socially conscious brands partnering with us.’

Priya Lakhani began her career as a media barrister, before launching ethnic sauce company Masala Masala. She was awarded Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, in the under 30s category. For every jar of her sauce sold, an under privileged person is India is fed a hot meal – and by 2011 the company had served over a million meals. SOCA is a new charity, born out of Priya’s passion for making a difference to the world.

To support the SOCA and Elemis partnership, head to your nearest Elemis stockist to purchase the Papaya Enzyme Peel or visit


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