Beauty Sleep In A Bottle

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and feel more attractive? Gayatri Sahay discovers it is possible…

Posted: 06.09.13

We’ve always known that beauty sleep is key to our daily beauty regime, but we’ve never really known why. Thankfully Estée Lauder have done years of research into the area and have created a product that aids skincare while you're taking a kip. Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II has Estée Lauder so confident they’re saying, ‘we can’t make you get a good nights sleep but we can surely make your skin look like it has’. 

Sound like a familiar claim? The brand's little brown bottle has always 
 been iconic but this new formula has everything in it that you loved about the old one and more. Estée Lauder conducted an experiment and found scientific proof that uneven skin tone, fine lines and elasticity differ 100% between those who suffer from chronic bad sleep and those who get a good nights sleep - proving that ageing happens at night.

With these results in place they set out to make the new formula. A lack of sleep can accelerate skin ageing, change the appearance of your complexion and even account for the fine lines that start to appear on the face. More so we know that each day the skin has to combat the environmental assaults that come our way too. That’s why Estée lauder have made a serum that has anti pollution technology, anti oxidants and hyalronic acid - all of which will protect your skin during the day while at night it boosts skin repair for all skin types regardless of your ethnicity.

So there you are, beauty sleep in a bottle - it does exist!

Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex 11 by Estée Lauder is available nationwide and also at 
(30ml RRP £48 and 50ml £65)




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