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Posted: 18.03.15

Earlier this week on her Instagram, Faryal Makhdoom Khan posted an interesting alternative method of exfoliating her elbows. She began with slicing a lemon in half and sprinkling sugar over the cut pieces of fruit. Her next step was to simply dab her elbows directly into the slices of lemon and then to leave the mixture to work into the skin for a further ten minutes. We were really inspired by how unique her idea was and decided to put together a list of our own. Here are 15 other beauty tips that are absurd but genius.




1) We all want flawless skin. To heal a pimple in less time apply 100% tea tree oil with a cotton bud at least three times a day directly to the affected area.

2) Opening stiff nail polish bottles is often tricky business. Next time apply a little Vaseline around the rim of its lid and seal and problem solved!

3) Remember scrubbing the bride and groom down in a yellow paste at the last wedding you attended? That spice known as haldi (turmeric) is actually an essential exfoliant for your skin. Mix a hand full of it with some water and apply on the body. After a few moments rise it off with lukewarm water, for a true radiant glow.

4) Smokey eyes are much more complimentary with natural looking nude lips. Dark lips as well as a smokey eye gives the face a more dragged down appearance. A soft pink is another option for a vibrant, youthful appearance.

5) Asian complexions are prone to under eye bags. However, there is a way to minimise their appearance. Apply a small amount of red lipstick (yes you read that right!) under the eye area and dab out gently with a beauty blender or brush. Then apply your concealer and foundation as normal. The lipstick will act as a colour corrector and will cancel out any purple tones in the area.

6) Are powders making you ghostly? For darker skin complexions, try and use a bronzer instead of a blusher on the cheeks. This will eliminate a chalky finish and leave you with beautiful sun kissed skin.

7) Is your moisturiser just not working for you? Caffeine could be the answer. Not only does it contain antioxidant properties which prevents illnesses such as skin cancer it also constricts blood vessels. This may temporarily reduce swelling under the eye and give the skin a firmer appearance. MAC’s strobe cream is an illuminating as well as moisturising cream that also contains caffeine. (£24.50)

8) If you’ve ran out of your favourite blusher and can’t afford or find a replacement, simply dab a similar coloured lipstick shade on the highest points of your cheeks and lightly blend down. Simple!

9) For an enhanced side profile add matte brown bronzer to the sides of your nose and blend in thoroughly. As a finishing touch apply shimmer down the bridge to define your shape. Picture perfect.

10) Primer is not just for the beginning stages of your make-up routine. If you make a mistake during your makeup application, apply primer on cotton wool and dab on the area gently to erase any errors smoothly.

11) Dull skin and hyper pigmentation is a thing of the past thanks to Lemon! Lemon contains vitamin C and Citric acid which can help to lighten and brighten dark areas of the skin. Be sure to use SPF when applying the fruit to the body as you may be more sensitive to harmful UV rays.

Picture taken from Faryal Makhdoom Khan's Youtube video

12) Allow your eyebrows to be natural; work with your natural arch. Asian women have been blessed with good eyebrow shapes, so why battle with nature? Opt for a tidy up rather than a reshape as this will allow you to keep your exotic features.

13) Attempting to lighten your skin with make-up will only leave you looking unwell and older! Not only will it give you a cake faced look, it will exaggerate the imperfections in your face. Try and match your foundation to as near as your skin colour as possible.

14) Nuts are known to reduce and clear up acne. Pumpkin seeds are said to be extremely useful for clearer skin.

15) Know your skin type and base your make-up around it! If you have drier skin, liquid foundations and cream blushers will help give your skin a healthy finish. For oily skin types, mineralised powders
are a better option.

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