Below The Belt

What to get the man who has everything?

Posted: 19.12.14

When these arrived in the office we all had a good chuckle: a product called Groin Cleanser can hardly be taken seriously...but the sad truth is some men could do with some decent hygiene, especially when (ahem) it involves below the belt. This nifty new range of grooming products for gentlemen consists of specially created products just for the lads. They include a Waterless Shower so if can't have a proper wash you can still freshen up your bits as well as a Dry Balls spray which is a bit like a deodorant for inside your pants but is not perfumed and only contains essential oils so you can feel content that there are no chemical nasties being put on your plums. To order online head to - a 10% discount is offered if you but three or more products that's boyfriend, hubbie and brother sorted for the next present giving occasions. (Or indeed boys...don't be afraid to buy them for yourself.)

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