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Expert guide to get the look of contoured perfection

Posted: 03.02.15

The world is obsessed with Kim Kardashian, so when she revealed her make-up secret of contouring, a new craze began. That’s why we invited Trusha, beauty and fashion extraordinaire of the Secret Style File blog, to share her beauty tips by creating a special video tutorial for the audience of Trusha is also a finalist of the UK Blog Awards 2015 who loves to blog and make expert video tutorials, in between being a full time, doting mummy and running a business. Here is her tried and tested tutorial, accompanied by a step-by-step written guide to help you through each part.



The Base
With all make-up looks the base and a good moisturiser like the Emryolisse Lait Crème Concentre is always important. A good primer minimises pores and creates a good canvas for make-up application, such as Porefessional by Benefit which I love. To give your skin that flawless finish use the Chanel Perfection Lumiere, which gives a lightweight coverage and that radiance from within look.

It is important to know the structure of your face and the look you want to achieve. Contouring gives structure to your face and adds a 3-dimensional effect so your face doesn’t look flat. You can make certain features appear slimmer by adding darker shades to these areas, taking the focus away. If you are a beginner with contouring, it is much easier to use powder products, as they are easy to blend. Otherwise, layering up cream and powder products gives a long lasting effect. The Nars Matte multiples are superb for contouring. Find the hollow of your cheek and apply your darkest contour shade right in the hollow, which will emphasise your cheek bones. Next mark just under your jawline, which creates a shadow making your jawline look defined. To make your nose look slimmer, add two lines either side of your nose and just across the tip if you want to shorten your nose. The art to contouring is firstly knowing where to place your product and then blending. Blend into your hairline, not getting too close to the centre of your face and always making sure there are no harsh lines. For the nose, use a small blending brush like the MAC 217, which is a godsend for blending. A great powder contour is the Nars Bronzer is Casino or Laguna for fairer skintones, apply this in the same areas and once you are a bit more confident with contouring, use this to lock in your cream contour.

Now that we have masked certain areas we need to highlight other areas by making them stand out. The great thing about Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is that it conceals and highlights, so you can just use the one product for under the eye area. The most effective way is to map out an upside down triangle tracing along your nose right up to the outer corner of your eye. Using the YSL Touch Eclat along the highest point of your cheekbones will really define your face. To make your nose appear thinner, use the Touche Eclat along the bridge of your nose as well and then just a small amount on your cupid’s bow to make a fuller pout. Use the make-up artist’s must-have, the beauty blender to blend all your products by stippling on your skin.

Set your Make-up
To take away excess shine and most importantly to set your make-up, use a light powder like the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Medium, which you can just use this on your T-zone, highlighted areas and anywhere you tend to get shiny.

Finishing Touches
Adding a touch of bronzer on top of your contour just adds some warmth to your face - Dallas by Benefit if perfect for this. With a perfectly defined face, it is important to add the finishing touches such as blush to the apples of your cheeks. NARS Deep Throat is a very easy everyday pink which your can build on for an evening look. If you love a bit of sparkle, the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle has a gorgeous shimmer, which looks natural but accentuates your look nicely. Add this to the highest point of your cheekbones, along the centre of your nose, cupid’s bow and inner corners of your eyes to really brighten up your entire face. Of course don’t forget to add Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes for a dose of volume mascara, along with Smashbox liner and gloss to finish your look.

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