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Leave the eggs to the kids...

Posted: 31.03.15

The Easter bunny is officially on its way and we’ve got plenty of beauty products to help you satisfy those intense chocolatey cravings without gaining a thing! From delicious bath treats to cocoa based make-up, we have got it covered! Who said you’re not allowed to indulge this season?!

1) Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, Lush, £3.75/each
This fun explosion of glitter is not to be missed this Easter. Simply drop this in a running warm bath tub and watch the egg slowly fizz and melt in front of your eyes. You’ll see the water gradually transform into liquid gold and its glittery flecks will make you feel no less than royalty once you dip your body into it. The bomb is coated in Fair Trade Columbian Cocoa Butter which enriches the skin and leaves it feeling supple and smooth. Hints of Sweet Wild Orange Oil have also been added in to uplift your mood and to enhance your bathing experience. Afterwards your skin will be left lingering with the delicious aromas of Vanilla and Toffee which are wonderfully infused but not overwhelming. This golden egg defines luxury!

2) Chocolate Milk Body Wash and Bubble Bath, Philip B £25.00
This multipurpose product by Philip B proves itself to be a necessity to any chocolate lovers collection. Not only is the scent so reminiscent to chocolate it is nearly edible but the combined ingredients are actually designed to feed your skin. The first key ingredient included is Sodium C14-16 sulfonate which cleanses and rids the skin of any dirt. This is followed by a blend of cocoa butter, aloe and wheat amino acids which deeply moisturise and nourish the body. Oat protein is then included as the finishing touch to gently exfoliate and smooth over the surface of the skin. Imagine soaking in all that goodness! This lathers up instantly and works on the skin like a dream. 

3) All over your face anti-stress face mask, Anatomicals £1/15ml sachet
This gloriously thick and creamy face mask is sure to de-stress you even on the most hectic of days! Retailing at just £1.00, there is more than enough product to squeeze at least three applications out of each sachet. Although the texture isn’t thin, it is still easy and quick to spread around the face and will warm comfortably to your skins temperature. Cocoa and shea butter are the main ingredients as well as dead sea salt to exfoliate the surface of the skin. Its rich smell allows you to feel just as excited and happy as you were eating chocolate as a child, except this time its calorie free!

4) Chocomania Body Butter- The Body Shop £5.00
If you love uniquely scented products, this body butter is a go to. This product has more of a freshly cooked homemade brownie scent. Yum! The Body Shop’s body butters are known for their great quality and Chocomania is no different. Its thick but lightweight formula provides the perfect balance of a moisturiser. Its extremely conditioning but absorbs easily into the skin without any left over grease. Its claim to hydrate the skin for up to 48 hours is also an accurate selling point. It keeps skin looking fresh and healthy for impressively long periods of time. Magic!  

5) Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette- Too Faced £39.00
The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is truly a revolutionary product. As you open the eyeshadow palette you are enticed by the array of neutral colours and the honeyed smell of chocolate. The shadows range from shimmer to matte and all have a buttery consistency. Colours run from warm browns to deep smokey plums and are great for afternoon or evening events. If you think things can’t get any chocolatier cocoa powder is a rich antioxidant and is actually used as an ingredient in the make-up. All the details from the names of the shadows; ‘Triple Fudge’ and ‘Marzipan’ to the realistic chocolate bar packaging have been designed to fit a chocolate lovers dream. 

6) Soothing Hand Cream - Zkin Certified Organic £9.95
This portable beauty should be the number one essential item in every ladies make-up bag. The formulation combines Cocoa with Aloe vera which soothes and repairs dry areas like no other hand product out there. Skin instantly absorbs the product and leaves the surface soft with a non greasy feel. High levels of Vitamin E and Oleic and Stearic Acids have been added to target skin flexibility and repair which goes beyond the function of an average cream. In the beauty industry today, its difficult to come across a 100% pure and natural product like this and its certified organic label is a real advantage for sensitive skin. The scent is not overbearing and is more of a softer natural smell which indicates there are no irritants and perfumes in the cream. If you are looking for purity, high quality and exceptional ingredients, this cream has it all!

7) Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder- Bourjois £7.99
Getting that sun kissed glow might not be such a challenge after all with this gorgeous bronzing powder. Available in a lighter and a darker shade, Bourjois have packaged this powder oh so sweetly. Sprinkled subtly with shimmer, the bronzer gives a luminous natural glow to the skin whilst emitting its cocoa like fragrance. Its not overbearingly pigmented and blends with ease. Due to its almost matte appearance on the skin, contouring with this is a must. Lightly dab a medium angled brush into the powder and walah! Dreamy application!

8) Powder blush in Cocoa- NYX £6.00
Avoid looking dull this Spring with this earthy, long lasting blush. Vibrant in colour this product will be sure to turn heads. Cocoa is a soft blend of brown and red tones which shows up slightly differently depending on the users complexion. Light skin tones will reflect more of a reddish hue whilst tanned skin tones will exude more of a warmer brown. Cocoa is a unique colour and considering the price its a definite bargain!

9) Organic mineral lipstick Hot Chocolate £18.00
This gorgeous deep shaded lipstick is fair-trade and completely natural. Not only is it 100% organic, it contains some of the best ingredients that are designed to give you the perfect pout. Organic plant oils and flower extracts are infused to nourish and moisturise the delicate skin on the lips. No flakiness or dryness, just pure radiant colour. The application is flawless and the colour applies evenly so a lip liner is more of an addition than a necessity. Shea has also been used in the product, making it more like a combination of a lip balm and a lipstick in one. This sensual shade screams 90s fashion and we just can’t but help love its statement of individuality. 

10) Benecos Chocolate nail polish £6.95
Benecos’ scrumptious nail colour is guaranteed to turn heads considering its unusual retro shade and professional finish. There is no need for a base coat unlike most dark shades and the quality of the polish shines through as soon as you apply the first coat. Pigmented and vegan friendly, its hard to understand why you wouldn’t want chocolate coated nails this Easter! 

 Nikita Kharbanda

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