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Get in the Easter spirit with this novelty nail art tutorial

Posted: 02.04.15

Funky nail art is so in right now and what we love even more are nails that are relevant to the season. Easter is just around the corner, so here is a handy tutorial on how to get cutesy Easter themed nails, which will be even more of a bonus for all you Creme Egg lovers out there! Give it a go by following Bio Sculpture's seven handy steps, to get easter-iffic nails using their gorgeous nail polishes…






1) Prepare the nail plate and sanitize, once dry apply your base gel as your first layer, cure.

2) Paint Blazing Lacquer across half the nail diagonally, cure. On the other half of the nail paint Amethyst Moonstone Gel, cure. Repeat this step so each colour has had 2 layers and cure.

3) Using French White gel and a No17 nail art brush paint diagonally across the middle of the nail between the two colours, cure and repeat this step to create a solid white line.

4) In the centre of the nail create the ‘splat’ effect using Daffodil Gel and a No.17 nail art brush, cure and repeat this step to create a solid yellow.

5) At the top of the nail paint a C shape in the swirly Cadbury’s style, use a No.17 nail art brush and a No.1 French White, cure.

6) Use a spot and swirl tool to add spots around the central ‘splat’ and cure.

7) Complete the nail using your chosen finishing layer, here I have used Soft Gel. Once applied cure, wipe the nail and apply Top Coat

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