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Hairloss can strike at any age. don’t worry. we’ve got it covered

Posted: 29.02.12

Men go bald – women get cellulite. That’s the law of nature. But for a woman to lose her hair is just not on –it’s part of our identity and key to our femininity.
So we can only feel for Balwinder Badhwal, 31, from London, when she reveals: ‘I realised I was different to other people when I was 16 – while my friends had lovely thick layers, I was going bald’. While you may associate the signs of baldness with massive clumps of hair falling out, this wasn’t the case for Balwinder, for whom the process was much less dramatic but still just as upsetting. Born naturally with very thin hair, it began receding around her crown and scalp and she was eventually diagnosed with Female Balding Pattern when she was a teenager. Although this can clear up in some people, for Balwinder, it was a permanent condition that she had to adjust to for the rest of her life.
By the time she reached university, her condition had worsened: ‘Losing my hair was a real blow to my confidence. I became paranoid whenever I was around people – to top it off, I wasn’t losing hair because of illness. I was physically very healthy – it was just my appearance that made me stand out.’
After years spent undergoing tests, increasing her intake of vitamin B12, trying on wigs and even ‘spray-on hair’, her problems remained. Then six years ago Balwinder discovered a company and product that instantly transformed her life and gave her back her confidence. She underwent treatment at eMPower Hair Solutions who with two decades of experience in the hairloss field offer a range of services for men and women who suffer from balding problems – one of these is hair replacement treatment which is what Balwinder opted for. As Andy Pollard from empower explains, treating hairloss has come a long way, ‘Years ago, all that existed were wigs which felt hot and itchy, stayed on for a short time, and could be seen miles away. Then occurred a large technology leap when hair systems came about; and we have been at the cutting-edge of their evolution ever since.’

The eMPower Hair System is different to an ordinary wig because it works by creating a copy of your own natural scalp. It breathes like your own skin, sweats, lets moisture and water in for cleansing, and has a perfectly natural front hairline. So, you can comb your hair back, gel it, style it any way and as many times as you like as well as do sport, run, swim, exercise and sleep normally. Maintenance is also easy. You can pop into an eMPower salon once every 3-4 weeks as you would an ordinary hairdresser to have it cleaned and re-attached by your personal stylist who will get to know you and your hair and know what’s best for it. Or if you prefer more flexibility, you can also do it yourself at home.
A happy Balwinder reveals: ‘I can wash, comb and straighten my hair as much as I like, and even my family and boyfriend have commented how much they like the new me – I’m beautiful and confident and feel as though I can do anything!’

• Empower Hair Solutions
London and Manchester
t: 0800 915 41 21

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