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Pamper yourself this Valentine’s with Herbalife, says celebrity beauty expert Arezoo Kaviani

Posted: 11.02.15

It’s that time of the year when you want to look and feel your best, whilst being swept off your feet by the love of your life on the most romantic day of the year. So there is really no better time to not only pamper yourself, but to also begin a new regime that will maintain feeling great about yourself all year round – which is why we eagerly took up the opportunity to pay a visit to A-list celebrity facialist, Arezoo Kaviani’s exclusive salon in Knightsbridge, where the beauty phenomenon herself treated us to a luxurious facial. She will tell you to close your eyes and imagine that Shah Rukh Khan is massaging you, to which we replied – even the king of romance would not have such magic in his fingertips, which is testimony to how great she is at what she does.

Although this particular treatment is not available to the general public, the salon has an array of sumptuous treatments waiting to be indulged in before your Valentine’s date. Being the brand ambassador for Herbalife, expert Arezoo swears by their products and judging by the afterglow of the facial, we sure know why. She explains: ‘Herbalife SKIN offers speedy, effective solutions for women and men wanting to improve their skin tone and is an excellent way to feed your complexion from the outside. The plethora of vitamins are incredibly nourishing for skin and there are some excellent hero products in the range that can really improve skin tone and vibrancy.’ Herbalife’s latest collection SKIN, harbours every essential product needed to rejuvenate each pore of your face, with notable results after just 7 days – and we can vouch for that. Whether it is the Soothing Aloe Cleanser, Replenishing Night Cream or Daily Glow moisturiser, each antidote with their silky textures, have been carefully concocted with vital vitamins and anti-oxidants, leaving you with a fresh, radiant complexion. What makes Herbalife even more unique is that their products are not available in shops. Instead, a Herbalife experienced ‘member’ is appointed to you who then recommends a bespoke regime of the best products just for you, based on your skin requirements. This is extremely important, since so many of us spend money on skincare that is not aptly suited for our skin. Not only does their range make you feel great on the outside, but their nutrional goods also keep you healthy from within.

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