Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Pop a pill a day to prevent hair loss

Posted: 08.12.14

The modern day woman has so many pressures to maintain herself, look good and manage a busy schedule, whether that is being up all night with a teething bubba or doing an all-nighter for a work or university deadline. To add to the strains of life, it is a fact that 60% of young women in the UK are suffering from lack of hair growth due to a number of issues such as stress, hormones, over styling and poor nutrition. Nourkrin have identified this as an increasing problem and have developed resolution, Nourkrin Active 20+ that has been specially formulated with the younger generation in mind. Containing vital ingredients which are scientifically proven to boost hair growth, taking one of these power yielding magical beans will leave you basking in your glory, with your newly accustomed ravishing and healthy mane. You will never need to shield those luscious locks under a hat ever again.

Fariha Sabir

Make-up artist: Aysha
Jewellery: Kyles Collection
Hairpiece: Ana Maria Bufnila

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