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Eliminate smudges thanks to Glam Republic

Posted: 03.08.12

It's finally happened, the chance to have elegant, alluring eyeliner, without the need for a steady hand. Glam Republic have come up with the perfect solution; stick-on eyeliner appliques which will stay in place no matter much you rub your eye lids, and there's no need to master how to use a pencil, or liquid brush. Hooray!
Whether you want to transform into a vintage Bollywood vixen, create the perfect feline flick or aim to capture the glamour of Cleopatra, the appliques come in a variety of shapes and styles. Opt for thick, thin or medium, and take your pick from super matte velvet or a hint of sparkle.
Each pair comes with an adhesive for extra hold and they can be re-used making them cost-effective.
Looking gorgeous has never been so easy.

Glam Republic Eyeliner Appliques are available from Superdrug £4.99 single pack and £8.99 for a duo.

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