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Have a good hair day every day, with hair extensions from Colour Nation

Posted: 05.09.16

The question I get asked more than any other on a typical day is, ‘is that your real hair?’ My answer? Yes!* Most people are genuinely intrigued because despite the fact most Asian girls dye their hair in ‘natural tones’, few of us bleach it to the extent we can pull off bold shades. Granted, there are a few of us around, my faves include burlesque star Sukki Singapora and beauty blogger Fashionicide. But it’s not just something that alternative fashionistas are sporting, even Bollywood starlets have taken to the peroxide: we’ve seen Sunny Leone go scarlet and Taapsee Pannu go purple, so what’s putting off the others?

The next comments I get from people interested in my hair is a) 'it looks really good on you' and b) ‘I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but’….and it’s then that I feel sad for them. Why don’t more people dye their hair? The answer is that most are scared, they just don’t want to damage their real hair and I can understand that, so what if there was an alternative?

These days it’s become more common than ever to have hair extensions put in. Brides do it all the time to create volume, length and body. It’s a safe, semi-permanent way to ‘customise’ your hair, but for the best result, you need to go to a trained salon where extensions are affixed and removed properly, without damaging your hair, and the hair itself is good quality.

I have to admit that while I would never think twice about dyeing my hair (I’ve been doing it for over 15 years), extensions are something I’ve never considered, until I found out that all those pictures I’ve been lusting after on Instagram these last few years are in fact extensions. So I booked an appointment at Colour Nation, a salon in central London that specialises in extensions, to find out more about them. 

Some of the colours available at Colour Nation and the ones Momtaz opted for

My appointment started with a consultation with Creative Director Kate who knows everything you could ever want to know about extensions. First up she talked me through the hair they use Colour Nation only use extensions from Great Lengths which are ethically sourced 100% natural hair. When I laid eyes on the options (natural shades are available but I was salivating at the rainbow of options), I immediately saw the possibilities that were opening up to me. They weren’t even in my hair yet and I knew I was sold.

In terms of application all I had to do was sit back and sip on my tea. The Great Lengths machine is a bit like a hair straightener. Kate applied each strand to my hair, (hidden under the top layer so that the ‘join’ isn’t seen) with what felt like a warm clamp, which ‘glued’ each extension in place.
Extensions get applied to hair that’s already been washed and styled, it’s just like having the finishing touches done.

Before and during application

Once they’re in, they’re in. There’s no chance of them falling out: they can last three to four months and when you’re ready to have them taken out, simply visit Kate who will remove them.

For the first two nights of having my extensions put in, turning over in my sleep was a bit uncomfortable. I could definitely feel that there was something different going on, on my head, but by day three, it felt completely normal.

Momtaz with Kate from Colour Nation

Fast-forward a month and I’m still experiencing the pleasure. Coloured extensions have solved my colour-run problems, on my normal hair, colours would bleed into each other, so any lighter streaks would soon blend in with the darker strands but with my extensions, there’s no risk of that happening, the separate shades maintain their colour. They’re easy to manage and have opened up a whole new world of hair styling options.

Extensions are priced according to the length you require and how many strands you want. Coloured extensions are the perfect solution for anyone who wants coloured hair but doesn’t want to bleach their natural colour, or if you want extensions in natural shades, the results are equally as satisfying. 
As for me it was love at first lock, I'm already thinking about what colours I want next!

Colour Nation offer a range of professional hair services including colouring services (high-lights, low lights, tints, dip dye, ombre, straightening, extensions and coloured extensions. They also have a private room that can be booked at no extra cost, where you can get your hair done in privacy.
Book your appointment Colour Nation, 5 Winsley St, London, W1W 8HG. Tel: 0207 580 3669

Momtaz Begum-Hossain
*well that was before I had these extensions put in!

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