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Make-up artist Kinnari Gohil introduces her exclusive new beauty range Mon Epris

Posted: 02.07.12

Mon Epris means love, why does it sum up your new brand?
The products bring you one step closer to nature. All of them are made from the finest shea butters and natural extracts which love you back, by caring for your skin. There are no  added harmful ingredients. 

Actress Ellie Redman is the face of the range, how did that come about?
Ellie is best known for starring in TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) and launched her own clothing line earlier in the year. We heard she wanted to do a beauty cosmetic range next so we approached her because she’s young and influential and believes in the product’s values – that they are natural and organic. As soon as she saw the range she loved it!

What role did she play in helping design the range?
Ellie and I chose the products together. We worked with the theme of Arabian Glow because Ellie has olive-tanned skin colouring. The range also contains gold mica which gives your skin a healthy glow. It also includes natural extracts that help fade blemishes and marks.

Why did you decide to make your own products when you’re already a successful make-up artist?
As a make-up artist I’ve tried a lot of brands but when you look closely at what you’re using, you realise they are full of chemicals – many of whose origins you don’t know about. It made me realise I’d rather recommend products I trusted, which I could only do by making my own. All our products come in chic packaging too making them even more appealing.

What kind of ingredients go into the products?
Ones that smell divine! We’ve opted for natural ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg and olives. The fragrances come from essential oils and include the zesty blood orange, mandarin, spice and musk. They feel ultra luxurious on your skin too – I’m confident you’ve never used or smelt anything like Mon Epris before!


Other products in the range include Stolen Kisses lipscrub, to make your lips soft, Desert Sand Scrub to smooth and polish your skin and an exotic, whipped body creme. Mon Epris also creates products for men and babies - inlcuding a specially formulated nappy rash oil.

To find out more about Mon Epris’s product range visit:

Interview by Sumaira Hussain


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