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Maintain your manicure on the move with this must-have beauty gadget

Posted: 15.08.16

Finally a bit of beauty tech, we all need in our lives. The Tweexy is a nail varnish holder that doubles up as a ring allowing spill-free, easy nailvarnish application whereever you are, whenever you need a top up. Allowing you to paint your nails with ease, it's prefect for portable painting. The ring base can fit any size bottle of polish while the ring itself is worn over two fingers. Wear it in the car, at the beach or just when you're out and about - you'll never have to worry about spillage again. Comfortable, quirky and useful, you'll wonder how you survived before it was invented. Perfect for all nail painting addicts, whether that's yourself or a mate, it's a fun gift that will impress all who receive it. 
Tweexy NailVarnish Ring Holder, £14.95 from 

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