Scent Is A Very Personal Entity

‘I spray my perfume where I like to be kissed…’ Zahra Suleman concocts her own special scene

Posted: 06.03.15

If you’re struggling for ideas on how to treat your mum this Mother’s Day we have the perfect thing for you. The Perfume Studio is offering a ‘Create Your Own Fragrance Experience’ were you can design your own haute couture perfume for a fraction of the cost of buying a bottle. We’re all individuals so surely our scents should also be as equally bespoke? A fragrance has a certain way of defining your style and can leave a lasting impression on others; you always remember someone who smells good!

I traipsed on down to the luxury Hilton Hotel were The Perfume Studio’s master perfumer, Francois Robert, had put together a palette of 18 blends that captures the aromas of the most popular fragrances around. I felt spoilt for choice as all of the scents were displayed around the room, ranging from top, middle and bass notes. Sorry perfume talk! Don’t worry I didn’t know what that meant either until it was all explained by Warren, the host for the day.

It was clear that he was extremely passionate about his job as he wowed us with his extensive knowledge of the perfume industry through facts, such as your sense of smell causes conditioned responses to trigger nostalgia. Warren also keeps the whole afternoon very light and comfortable by indulging us in light humour and little tips, such as you should spray the perfume on the underside of your skirt or the inside of your jacket so when you move around the scent hits others. (I’ve started doing this since the course!) Additionally, not forgetting that perfume is a very sensual thing, Warren treats us to a rather sassy quote from Miss Marylyn Monroe at the beginning of the class, which was ‘I spray my perfume where I like to be kissed…’ Very saucy for a Sunday afternoon!

Each unique blend was numbered and handed out chronologically. Warren described each scent by telling us a little about its history, the elements it contained and the personality traits associated with the scent. The first I liked was Fruity, which apparently means that I am young, fun loving and bubbly; well, I’m not going to argue there!

The idea of the class is to start putting together the smells you like and see if they work together. We were told to put the scents we liked to the right, the ones we disliked to the left and the ones weren’t too sure about in the middle. Some aromas made my mouth water and were instantly placed to the right and others made my eyes water and got ditched to the opposite side. Warren also taught us how to create a fragrance fan, which is where you put the scents you like together and see what they smell like. Sadly, when fruity was mixed with any of the other smells I had favoured, I didn’t really like it; maybe I’m not as young, fun loving and bubbly as I thought… utimately, it all really comes down to trial and error; sometimes one blend will completely change the smell of another. A bag of coffee beans lay on each table to act as a palette cleanser so we could experience new aromas without the previous one wafting around our senses.

My final fragrance contained four blends and had a sweet vanilla-esque smell to it. The personality traits for my four choices summed me up to be sophisticated, free spirited, sweet and sexy. I’ve definitely come out on top there, although I’m pretty sure I’m the least sexy person ever…

The good thing about this experience is that your signature perfume is saved onto The Perfume Studio’s database, meaning you can reorder your unique scent so it doesn’t have to be a one off. I know I’ll be reordering mine when the bottles empty.

For all booking information or any queries you might have head to or alternatively you can email The Perfume Studio at or call on 0330 0889 636.

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