Secrets of Seduction

Boudoir beauty ideas

Posted: 16.11.12

Let your inner goddess shine with a new range of tempting toiletries and make up essentials that will make you look gorgeous and feel ultra hot! 

Whether you’re in the mood for love or have your eye on someone you’re trying to seduce, a little helping hand from your beauty bag never hurt.

The secrets are all in the details, having the right level of plumpness in your pout, the longest lashes, neat tallons and a scent that will drive him wild. 

Get your mitts on these. Who knows what the results will be.

Scent: Dita Von Teese
You’ve never seen a bottle like this. With it’s slender black body and playful tassel, burlesque queen Dita Von Teese’s self-titled perfume is dark and elegant just like her. It’s the ultimate evening fragrance, spritz in all your erogenous zones and let the heady blend of spicy pepper, smoky wood, patchouli, musk and Tahitian tiare petals transform you into a goddess. It also fits neatly in your handbag, so spray at home and carry with you for a midnight top up.
Dita Von Teese is available in Boots (£18).

Lips: Weapons of Mass Seduction
A lipgloss that guarantees male attention. Love Lips is a Plumping Lipgloss that contains a secret hi-tech formula with six benefits – it’s anti-ageing, mood boosting, contains a lipbalm and instantly plumps your lips, making them swell 30 times their natural size. It’s also super moisturising, ensuring your pout stays soft and kissable. The sixth and most secret ingredient is the Love and Trust Phrenomones to ‘help men fall in love with you’…it’s said to create feelings of love, trust, infatuation and attachment in anyone who comes close to use…just make sure you don’t wear it when you’re meeting up with someone you don’t have a crush on! Unless you like unwanted attention? (£22)

Skin: Guerlain Perfumed Shimmer Powder

Don’t just save this super sparkling face and body for the party season, make your skin glimmer for all over sensuality. The light-as-air limited edition loose powder is only available as part of Guerlain’s Christmas range and delicately illuminates your body, making it look and feel irresistible. (£45.45)

Eyes: Dior Lashes
There’s lashes, and there’s A’list, sparkling, bejewelled Grand Bal False Lashes by Dior. Embellished with soft gold Swarovski crystals they take falsies to a whole new level. (£18.10)

Body: Pink Daisy Lightening Cream

Lightening creams are not to everyone’s taste and intimate lightening creams are even more of a specialist choice, but if you’ve got discolouring or dark skin spots you want to brighten, Pink Daisy could be for you. Made using natural products for Planet Earth, a sexual wellbeing brand, you can use it to lighten sensitive areas your nipples and labia. (£25)

Hair: Velcro Sleep-in-rollers
Loose, bouncy curls are the ultimate hairdo for a temptress and these easy to use rollers can do just that. But how do they work? Don’t they get squashed when you’re asleep? No! They flatten like a sponge when you lie down so you’ll get a good night’s sleep and wake looking gorgeous and glamorous. (from £19.96)


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