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When the celebs have an event, they turn to Rani Mirza for her Red Carpet Facial as Chandi Kaur explains. 

Posted: 10.06.13

There are facials and then there are Red Carpet Facials: the name says it all. We’re talking about the ultimate in facial experiences that will make you look and feel like an A’lister.

The perfect treat ahead of a major do, wedding or birthday, Rani Mirza’s signature facial offered at her salon in swanky Knightsbridge has all the elements to make you feel like a celebrity walking down the red carpet. Rani explains: ‘Every client is a celebrity for me, I treat real women and stars the same.’

Lasting two hours, expect to be pampered from the minute you rest your head to when you leave, it’s no wonder fans of Rani’s include Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Danni Minogue.

There are three main stages to the facial.
Step 1: Grande Classique Facial
This includes cleansing and gentle exfoliation followed by a massage to the face, neck and shoulders and a deep cleansing mask.
Step 2: Diamond Facial
Includes the resurfacing technique, which removes the top of layer of the skin smooth.
Step 3: Oxygen Facial
Here an emulsion of special concentration and oxygen goes straight onto the skin.
The facial is finished with the application of a hydrating and nourishing fruit mask to the face and neck.

Despite following the same stages, every facial is different, as Rani explains: ‘A lot of care is put into these facials as they treat each client according to their skin type. We tailor make the facials after analysing the skin.’

Rani’s Red Carpet facial costs £185 and is worth every penny, since you can’t have one every day Rani also has some tips for how you can look after your skin as part of your regular routine:

1. Start the day with drinking fresh lemon juice squeezed into a glass of warm water and kick start your metabolism. Cut down on all diary, red meat and increase your intake of green vegetables and fruit with low-acidity. You're exfoliating everyday now... be it in the shower with a loofah, salt scrub or dry skin brushing, apply a method daily into your routine.

2. Book yourself in for a facial, a good facialist will be able to diagnose and recommend the best treatment for your skin type to ensure the skin glows on your big day. Our Red Carpet Facial is extremely popular with our clientele, involving steam, extraction, massage, microdermabrasion, oxygen with a hydrating, firming and lifting mask.

3. Book yourself into a good hair salon and have your hair conditioned, as well as a dentist and have your teeth cleaned and whitened. Book yourself into salon and have body wraps and get rid of those toxins, cellulite and fluid retention. A good eyebrow shape really can give a facelift affect and define those eyes!

4. Always apply your facial cleanser and massage in slow circular movements and massage your face and neck cream in with upward and outwards stokes using your finger tips. Apply your eye contour cream in a gentle patting movement with your finger tips thus stimulating the blood circulation in that area which will aid in removing any toxins or puffiness!

5. Avoid any dramatic changes for example hair colour or style (you may hate it!). Also avoid any harsh products. Do your research and make sure you that you don't book in to a salon which is big on products, high in chemicals, Botox or chemical peels, your skin may react severely.

6. After altering your diet as mentioned above. If your skin is oily and blemished slice-in-half one lemon and add to 500ml boiling water. Leave it to cool for a few hours and then cleanse your skin with your cleanser, rinse with the lemon-water and then moisturise as normal. Do this two to three times a week before you go to bed. 

7. Avoid caffeine especially in the evenings. Relax and read a book, listen to music or soak in a bath with essential oils. Go for a walk before you retire to bed... a walk in the local park will help you clear your mind and relax.

8. Exercise is key to a healthy body, a clear head and good skin. Try running, skipping or cycling anything that suits your mood. The cardiovascular exercise will speed up your metabolism, increase your blood circulation, bringing an increased supply of oxygen to your skin, and improve the lymphatic system's function which will help remove toxins from your system.

9. My celebrity clients' must-hav' before any important event would have to my Red Carpet Facial followed by the CryoDerm treatment. The benefits of these treatments together ensures the bride's skin is glowing for her big day.

10. I always recommend a good exfoliation... Clarisonic works wonders to get the skin squeaky clean and glowing. A product range that I would recommend would definitely have to be the Yon-Ka range, which is a French product-line based on essential oils and fruit extracts.
The second line I would recommend would be the Image range, which is a cosmeceutical range from America. 

Rani Mirza
Red Carpet Facial 

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