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The revolutionary way to rid your hairs…at home

Posted: 26.02.14

Unwanted hairs are the bane of most women’s lives. It’s one of those things very few of us admit to having to deal with, but in secret we’re all trying to rid feint tashes, unruly underarm hair and stubbly legs. IPL hair removal is a safe way to reduce hair growth but some women are too shy to go for salon treatments or simply don’t have time. Queue E-One IPL, the first and only professional hair removal device in the world, medically certified for use at home.

With five different settings, the device can be adapted to suit your needs, taking into consideration growth pattern, the area being treated, the colour of the skin and the thickness of the hair being treated.  

But does it work? We asked Asiana reader Gulshan to put it to the test and here are her honest thoughts:

How long does the treatment take?
Treatment on my underarms has only taken three sessions and the hair has all gone.
On my arms the hair has almost completely gone after three treatments, I only have little patches left where I've missed. I no longer get any hair on my face and neck and that took approx. three to four treatments.

Describe the reduction in hair growth you have achieved? 
E-one has done a fantastic job compared to other hair reduction/removal treatments I've used like, laser, threading, waxing and epilation. Hair used to come back thicker and more than before but with E-one I noticed hair coming back less and thinner and then totally either reduced or completely gone.

How does it compare with your previous hair removal methods?
My skin feels so smooth and soft after each treatment, I had blemishes on my face which disappeared after using E-one.

How does the skin feel after treatment? Do you feel in control of your hair growth?
I feel in total control with the hair growth - hair takes longer and longer to come back each time I use the machine, which means less stress and embarrassment for me.

Do you still use other methods of hair removal? 
Apart from shaving as recommended by E-one in between treatments I haven't used any other methods of hair removal at all.

Find out more about E-One by visiting their website.

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