Sun-Kissed Summer Skin

Master the season’s hottest beauty trend using bollywood PROFESSIONAL’s Summer Makeup range with these looks created by hair & make-up artist Aarti P

Posted: 03.06.15

This season A’listers, catwalk teams and beauty junkies are going crazy for the natural, radiant glow of healthy, sun-kissed skin. It’s a look that’s easy to create without the need for sunbathing as Creative Director of bollywood PROFESSIONAL Rani Birring demonstrates. It’s all about colour – inject corals, warm oranges and tangerines into your make-up kit to get the look.

Fresh from New York and the Bollywood Film Studios, bollywood PROFESSIONAL’s Liquid Lipstick collection will saturate your lips with true pigment and luxurious treatment, in a single swipe. Add defined eyes and barely-there foundation, and you are set for a radiant summer.

Eyes take on Sonam Kapoor’s clean definition with black Superwear Gel Liner and Mascara, and enticing shades of Baked Split Shadows. Go with Oasis or Haven. The gold stamp adds elegance and a glow to your look. Skin must be fresh and illuminated so start with Tinted Primer SPF20, then dust with Baked Hydrating Powder Foundation, for an all day, crease-free radiance. Baked Blush (Nectar), swept from the apple of the cheek, will add the right amount of allure, defining your features and adding a warm summer glow.

For a perfect pout choose from the smouldering, nude Liquid Lipstick in Mink Pink (the most popular shade on Bollywood film sets), which compliments every skin-tone, and the vibrant Electric Coral, which will set ablaze the essence of summer love. Feel free to play around with different shades of Blush and Lipsticks to find the perfect summer hue to compliment your skin and outfit. Go for Pumpkin Spice or Electric Taffy for the lips, and you will have, not only this season’s signature look, but will also capture the splendour of a summer celebration!

Corals rule the palette this season and there are a number of great products in the bollywood PROFESSIONAL range that capture this creative colour that compliments all skin types. First start with the base – for a smooth, flawless finish, prep skin by applying a serum then use Bollywood PROFESSIONAL Mineral Photo Touch Foundation that delivers invisible coverage and a flawless photo-finish effect. Enhance skin with a satin texture by dusting on Baked Hydrating Powder Foundation to create that sought after sun-kissed glow.

Introduce warm shades into the cheeks by using a Liquid Shimmer, a hero product that adds a subtle shimmer to your cheeks, then use Rose Gold Baked Blush for a radiant rosy cheeks. For eye make-up that lasts first apply concealer then top with a blend of gold and brown eyeshadows, define with kohl and then add lashes. Bold lips complete the look. Create a movie star pout by mixing Liquid Lipstick in Mink Pink and Electric Taffy; this coral toned rouge combination is the perfect tone for an alternative to traditional red, and is far more on-trend.

Hair & Make-up: Aarti P
Jewellery: Jewels N Gems
Flowers: Lavenders of London
Earrings (second pic): Amishi

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