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Prep yourself for Feb 14th

Posted: 11.02.15

Get ready for the most romantic day of the year with our pick of the best beauty products to pamper yourself in preparation! Whether you're planning a night out on the town or a romantic night in, make sure you're looking, feeling and smelling your best thanks to our must-buy list...

For silky smooth skin: Korres Wild Rose Gift Set

Korres have put together a seductive trio of products all inspired by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite’s beloved flower, the rose. The set is perfect for an amorous Valentine’s Day as the body milk and shower gel will leave your skin feeling soft and supple while the buttery balm is ideal for turning your lips kissably soft with the addition of an alluring rose scent. This particular flower is said to be a traditional representation of love and beauty, which at the end of the day is what Valentine’s is all about.

Available at Debenhams for £20

For the perfect pout: Joan Collins | Timeless Beauty

A red lip is a must have for V-day… or any day really! A good red lippy is without a doubt the Empress of all make-up, as it never seems to go out of style. The new Joan Collins collection offers you a glamorous sultry red lipstick with a matching nail liqueur to ensure you stand out and catch all the right attention on the official day of love. A flash of red can go a long way and is definitely your best accessory! Who needs cupid when perfecting your pout is all that matters?

Available at Joan Collins Beauty for £18 for Lipstick and £13 for Nail Lacquer

For flawless fingernails: OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Mini Nail Polish Set

No sultry look is complete without a sexy polish on your nails. Conveniently, OPI have brought out their exclusive Fifty Shades Of Grey collection, featuring a selection of all the smoking hot hues that will no doubt successfully seduce your Mr Grey. Amongst the provocative taints are inevitably variants of grey, as well as decadent black and sizzling red – all of which aptly reflect and personify the essence of the sensual movie, along with the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Don’t go out on your special night without one of these tints splashed onto your lady claws!

Available at Debenhams for £19.95

For luscious locks: Ojon Rare Blend Tamer

Ever wondered how it is possible that celebs never seem to have a hair out of place? Do they ever suffer from normal hair problems like pesky protruding baby hairs?! Actually, they do! And now we know how they do it – using the Rare Blend Tamer by Ojon. It is still winter, so as soon as you step out of the door for your hot date, the glorious hairdo you just spent a painstaking 4 hours on, can sometimes resemble a windswept mop. Conveniently, this godsend of a product is small enough to fit into the tiniest of clutch bags, and as soon as the forces of nature attack you, using its handy mascara-like applicator, apply the glorious non-sticky/non-greasy gel to tame those fly-away strands and frizzy bits. Voila! No more impersonating Worzel Gummidge.

Available at Boots for £12.50

For changeless cosmetics: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

After spending all day accomplishing your eyeliner flick and contouring your cheekbones, the last thing you want is for your make-up to get flaky and smudged – which (hopefully) is quite likely to happen after a long, eventful evening! The perfect boon from the heavens will remedy any such disasters from occurring – just use the brand new Photo Finish Primer Water by Smashbox before applying make-up to create the ideal canvas, after you’ve done your make-up to set your look, and then throughout the day/evening to refresh and maintain perfection. Best of all, the mist-like texture of the spray feels silky smooth against your skin, making it a treat for your Romeo, everytime he happens to brush against your ravishing face.

Available at Smashbox for £20

For sensual scents: Rogue Love By Rihanna & LOVE By Gwen Stefani

It is pointless spending ages looking good if you don’t smell as good as you appear. Not to mention that a gorgeous scent will drive your man crazy! We have two remarkable choices for you. Firstly, the sultry singing sensation Rihanna has launched her new fragrance just in time for Valentine’s Day, and its floral feminine lure is perfect for a romantic evening out. The hints of fruitiness will linger for hours, leaving you smelling sweet and delectable, which is just what you want on the most amorous day of the year. In keeping with the loved up mood, if you fancy matching auras then you can gift him Rogue Man, also newly launched by Rihanna. Our second pick is singer, songwriter and fashion entrepreneur Gwen Stefani’s next generation of award winning fragrances. Our favourite from the collection is LOVE, a mouth-wateringly fruity floral scent, surrounded by jasmine and creamy musks. This lusciously divine scent is perfect for a romantic night in or a glamorous night out and is guaranteed to leave your mark on your sweetheart’s senses.

Available at The Perfume Shop from £23 for Rihanna’s & £24.95 for Gwen Stefani

Zahra Suleman & Fariha Sabir

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