Who needs a personal trainer?

Moisturise and sculpt your body at the same time 

Posted: 18.11.14

All hail the inventors of a revolutionary brand new body moisturiser, Adigym, which imitates the effects of endurance exercise, without the hard work. By no means do you eliminate being active altogether, rather Adigym will assist in the sculpting of your body.

There is no magical hocus pocus involved either – only well researched science behind it. The unique formula contains actigym, which enhances the growth type 1 muscle fibre, which is otherwise gained from endurance activities. The key natural ingredient, a Bermudan marine plankton extract acts as a catalyst in reducing fat intake, leaving you looking more slim and trim. If only this marvellous plant grew in our back garden, instead of pesky weeds. Whilst exercising will hasten the results, moisturising with this concoction is proven to reduce your waistline, as well as toning and defining your muscles. Get flexing, as you bid farewell to those bingo wings and love handles without hours of sweating it out in the gym!

Fariha Sabir

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