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Work according to Bollywood


Drama Queen

Identify the main players from the extras at work


Identify: This individual has the Asian work ethic down to a fine art. He’s always helping those around him with tasks as well as handling his own. Like Tusshar, he’s reliable, friendly and helpful but will always remain a player, never a leader. The bosses use him more than love him.

Handle: Praise is a simple but effective form of motivation for this person. By acknowledging the work he does, he’ll strive harder to help you.

Learn: His team working and networking skills. Don’t pick up his validation-seeking doormat tendencies.

This person emanates power. He’s at the top of the professional food chain and his strong drive, confidence and at times, ruthless approach inspires great respect.

Handle: Chances are, this person is your boss. Gain his respect and trust by being passionate about your work and proving rather than saying you can deliver.

Learn: His body language, delivery of speech and handling of people and situations. Don’t start to visibly emulate him, as others will think you’re brown-nosing, or worse, trying to play at being the hot shot.

Brilliant at making the right first impression, this character always knows how to say the most fitting things in any situation. She’ll say she agrees with you on most things, even if her actions suggest otherwise.

Handle: What you see isn’t what you get. Keep things superficial until you’re sure where she stands on matters.

Learn: Pretending you’re on someone’s side to get what you want. Don’t get caught out to be a conniving cow…

Identify: Their annual school report typically said ‘could do better – if they talked as much as they worked.’ Like Preity in Kal Ho Na Ho, her constant, enthusiastic chatter means she’ll be too busy voicing her own opinions to listen to yours. Most likely to let a secret slip.

Handle: They have to pause for breath at some point! When they do, build a quick rapport by imitating their fast rhythm of conversation. But she’ll need to hear you love her idea before you can air yours.

Learn: If you have a lightbulb moment, share it. But think before you speak.

Identify: Behind the façade of warm smiles and friendly chat, this person is a career ladder climber who will stop at nothing to get to the next rung. Get in her way and she’ll make it her mission to get you out of the game.

Handle: Devalue the competition – you. Minimise any effect or influence she might have by dealing directly with your boss yourself without sucking up.
Learn: Ambition requires dedication. But if you continually screw people over to get to the top, you’ll find it cold and lonely when you get there.

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