2014: The Review

Round-up of the year

Posted: 29.12.14

That time of the year has arrived, when we reflect and look back on the extraordinary moments of the year gone by - and what an eventful year it has been! 2014 bestowed upon us a whole host of feelings and reactions, from heart-warming and awe-inspiring, to jaw-dropping and drool-inducing. Whatever the emotion, it meant great entertainment and food for thought for the rest of the spectating world. Most important were the times that made us feel proud to be Asian and we want to also celebrate those moments where our spirit, culture, heritage, beauty and glamour were showcased in all their glory. Here is our review of the biggest, most shocking and distinctive moments of 2014!

Malala Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Courageous and nobel as she is indeed, Malala Yousafzai became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17. Last year, her birthday was declared as 'Malala Day', this year she was awarded the most admirable prize worth winning - it's wonderful that Malala's ongoing peace efforts are being recognized the world over. One such acknowledgment was from Youngistan's actor Jackie Bhagnani, who took to Twitter to congratulate 'Masala' instead of 'Malala' - world's most cringe-worthy type moment! May 'Malala' continue to inspire and empower young people everywhere!

Bollywood-Disney Romance
It was only a matter of time before the world's biggest film industry caught the attention of world famous Disney - it's no wonder, since romance, magic and enchantment personifies both! And that's exactly how we would describe the first ever Bollywood Disney flick Khoobsurat, starring quirky Sonam Kapoor and debuting prince charming Fawad Khan, in what was called 'a modern fairytale'. It was quite an epic moment in Indian cinema, since we all love what Disney and Bollywood gives us - mystical charm and sing-songs. We only hope this was the first of many more to come!

The Wedding Of The Year
We all love a good wedding, but who can forget when the glitterati of Bollywood's finest gathered to celebrate the marriage of Salman Khan's sister Arpita! The industry's handsome and beautiful came together and outshone one another at the week long festivities. Fortunately for those who were not so lucky to get an invite or gatecrash the events, thanks to social media the starlets showed of their outfits, selfies and groupies on instagram and facebook. Amongst the boastful guestlist were the likes of Katrina Kaif, Kapoor sisters, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan to name a few. The star studded affair gave us the chance to see our favourite B-town celebs bust some unchoreographed moves on the dancefloor in candid videos, and there was that moment when Salman asked Katrina to join him on the dancefloor and called her Katrina 'Kapoor' instead of 'Kaif'. We all smiled when we saw that picture of SRK and Salu kissing Arpita affectionately on her head, which meant the two were making amends publicly for the first time since their feud in 2008.

The Year Of The Six...Eight Pack
Much to our delight, Bollywood's studs gave us all the more reason to drool and swoon this year. Although the hunky stars always look their finest, with their perfect, ken-doll like bodies, standards have been set so high, that 2014 gave us the eight pack. We can never forget that life-changing moment when 49 year old Shah Rukh Khan appeared on our screens in Happy New Year, with his bionic eight pack abs on show for us all to admire. Credit must also be given other drool-worthy candidates - Hrithik Roshan in Bang Bang, Ranveer Singh in Gunday and Aamir Khan in PK, all of whom looked impeccably gorgeous and other-worldly.

When Solly Got Told Off On The Apprentice
We thank Lord Sugar for giving us young and jolly Solly aka Solomon Akhtar this year, who made it as a finalist on The Apprentice. His child like demeanour and charm won all our hearts, so you can imagine our mortification when Solomon, all wide-eyed and enthusiastic in the interview room whilst Claude Jekyll uncharacteristically praised him for his excellent CV...only to turn into the usual evil Claude Hyde, when he sternly told Solomon to get out, as his business plan was 'ridiculously' filled with pictures of sailboats! Poor Solly, his face changed from excited puppy to shocked disappointment within minutes, and although we felt sorry for him we couldn't help but chuckle at those priceless facial expressions!

Pretty Dia Mirza Gets Wedded
The ever radiant Dia Mirza got married to film maker and business man Sahil Sangha in October, amidst a grand affair in Delhi. She looked so elegant and beautiful, she was no doubt one of the most memorable brides ever. All her outfits were stunning and lavish, making her pictures a joy to look at over and over again.

Hrithik Dares Bollywood Stars
During the promotions for his movie Bang Bang, Hrithik Roshan came up with an ingenious idea to publicly dare his fellow B-towners on Twitter. Hardly shy of public spotlight, the challenged recorded their fulfilled dares and shared them on social media, which soon became a much talked about media frenzy. Some of the participants included Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan and Sonam Kapoor, but the most hilarious was Ranveer Singh, roaming the streets of Mumbai dressed as Krrish!

Veena Malik Sentenced To 26 Years In Jail
There have been some ridiculous moments in history, but this one tops all and upon first hearing about, we thought it was a joke. Pakistani actress Veena Malik was sentenced to 26 years imprisonment, after a re-enactment of her own wedding, based upon the marriage of the prophet's daughter on live TV, went horribly wrong. The reaction was utter outrage that she had dared to do such a thing, and created such a stir of controversy that the accusation of blasphemy was not only handed to her, but also the TV show's respectable host and CEO of the TV channel where the show was aired. Surely the act was not worth the same punishment as that given to a murderer?

1000 Weeks Of DDLJ
The timeless romance Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge made it to a record 1000 weeks at the box office in December. It has been running at Mumbai's Maratha Mandhir all this time, watched by it's avid followers and fans ever since it's release in 1994. A brand new trailer was released to re-live the classic which redefined romance and set the benchmark for all love stories. To celebrate it's success, a press conference was held at the legendary Yash Raj Studios with the leading stars SRK and Kajol present, reminiscing with the help of memorabilia that was characteristic of the film, including the cow bell and Raj's guitar. DDLJ will forever make us sigh and feel all gooey inside!

Heart-Breaking Separation
When Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan announced their divorce, the world was deeply saddened at the news. After a 13 year long marriage, Sussanne decided to end the marriage amicably, on grounds of irreconcilable differences that could no longer be settled. They share custody of their two sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan and remain on good terms. It just shows that even the most seemingly perfect couples have issues. We wish them the best in their respective lives!

Ash Embodies Beauty With A Cause
When 41 year old Aishwariya Rai was honoured as being the most successful winner ever, at this year's Miss World pageant, we were all mystified by her timeless beauty, in the same way we were when she won the title twenty years ago. As she accepted the award on stage, beaming with her mother, husband Abhishek and daughter Aaradhya, we also beamed with pride, as they recounted her admirable achievements since winning the contest, by defining beauty with a purpose.

Slapped On Live TV
What is the world coming to?! We cringed for poor Gauhar Khan at that horrifying moment when she was slapped on live television whilst hosting the talent show India's Raw Star. The attacker was offended by Gauhar's revealing attire and felt it was a totally justifiable act to get up from the audience, walk on stage and slap her across the face. Disgraceful and shocking.

Lips Don't Lie
It was one thing when we first saw Anushka Sharma with her unnaturally, enlarged lips. But when she confidently announced that she deliberately enhanced them, temporarily for her forthcoming movie Bombay Velvet and that she did so of her own accord, she shocked us all! But we do give her kudos for coming up with a statement to explain her 'new look'. Nevertheless, we still think she is a gorgeous talent, with or without her much talked about lips!

SRK Introduces Us To Baby AbRam
We were all surprised when Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri announced the sudden birth of their new baby boy. But amidst the surrogate controversy, we must not forget about the new addition, hence the future of Bollywood - AbRam Khan. For the first year of his life, junior Khan was totally shielded from media and the public eye and any details about the apple of SRK's eye were shrouded in secrecy. Finally on Eid this year, AbRam was revealed to us in the most adorable photo of him being doted upon by papa Khan.

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