5 Famous Bollywood Animals

Forget A’list celebs, Salma Khatun looks at the lucky animals who have made their mark in the movies

Posted: 26.03.14

1. Ramu the elephant from Haathi Mere Saathi

A children’s favourite in the early 1970’s, this movie had a Disney appeal with an Indian twist. Taking inspiration from The Jungle Book, it centred on an orphaned boy, Raju who was protected by elephants and grew up with them as his best friends. Years later he falls in love, gets married and has children but one day elephants attack them and he has to choose who to support. 
The trunked hero of the movie Ramu was a hit with viewers all over the world.

2. Monkey from Aankhen
Monkeys as extras are a common sight in the movies but this particular monkey managed to tickle many funny bones in the audience and and helped the film become a major hit in the 1990s.

3. Dove from Maine Pyaar Kiya
This dove didn’t just act as the messenger of love between a couple, but could also distinguish the good and the evil. The director Sooraj Barjatya, was the first ever to present a bird in a Hindi flick.

4. Dog from Teri Meherbaaniyaan
This is possibly the only film in Bollywood where the lead hero dies and the dog takes over the film. When the hero gets murdered by the villains, his friend gets framed. The dog happens to be the only witness to justify the friend’s innocence. We call that Top Dog behavior!

5. Shahrukh the goat from Yeh Hai Bakrapur
The current star of the big screen is Shahrukh. In the forthcoming film he is a pet goat that belongs to a family that live in a north Indian village. However, the goat acquires a rock star status and soon enough, people are fighting for a piece of him. Not only is he a star in the plot we hear he’s a diva on set when shooting. Sharukh has even had his own spot boy and it’s rumoured he receives better treatment than anyone else on set.  

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