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Anisha Vasani finds out if Abhishek is a true player

Posted: 02.03.12

Congratulations on your new project Players based on The Italian Job. Will you be playing the bad boy once again in this film?
I don't think it's a bad boy film, he is a thief, but not a bad boy. He’s actually a very good guy (laughs).

Have you ever been called a player, and why?
Yes recently when I was promoting my film, yeah, they called me a player. I'm a player in my movies (laughs).

What do you think of guys that are always playing around?
I don't think that's cool at all.

Who is the real player in the film? Are you allowed to reveal?
No, you'll have to watch the film. It's a thriller, an action thriller so I don't want to ruin it for you.

So tell us about the film?
It's a remake of The Italian Job, and it's basically about a gold robbery. My character Charlie puts a team together to rob and it’s about how they go about doing it.

Did you face any encounters or challenges?
A lot of fun. There were two directors to the film who I have a lot of respect for and really love, enjoy, and follow. I was very keen to work with the two of them, and then we finally decided we were going to make the film, and I heard the script and I got to know it was The Italian Job. I was overjoyed, because it's one of my favourite films and it has been a lot of fun. Literally you just go out there and do the actions that they give you the opportunity to do. It has been great fun.

You filmed in New Zealand and Russia, that must’ve been quite an experience, especially with some of the scenes on top of sky towers.
New Zealand is a beautiful country and there were so hospitable, we had a great time, we were over there filming for 6-8 weeks. We shot in Wellington and Auckland it was beautiful and we got some great work done out there.

You must have done a lot of stunts yourself, were there any dangerous encounters that you went through?
Whenever you do stunts, you know there is an element of danger. But I personally enjoyed it very much, I thoroughly enjoyed doing my stunts and I look forward to doing action films because I get the opportunity to do a lot of stunts. Whenever you do a stunt, there is going to be a hint of danger, but thankfully nothing happened.

So, are you a big fan of Mini-Coopers because you were driving them a lot of the time in the films?
Most definitely, but I have always been partial to the original style, I know they reinvented the style of the car later on in 2000. I think they just have a wonderful retro quality to them, which is very cool.

Getting chased in the car, was that a dream come true for you?
(laughs) Yes, as an Italian Job fan, it was definitely.

We see that you love doing comedy and action, do you think Bollywood is now finally starting to do much more action films?
No, we have always made action films, and we will continue to do so. I don’t think we have lost quality, we cater to the kind of film that we make. If you've got a film based in rural India, with the settings, you can't be having huge stunts with cars and explosives. Obviously you design your actions, depending on the scripts.

There is a big cast with the likes of Sonam Kapoor, Bipasha, Bobby Deol and Neil Nitin. How was it to have such an amazing cast in this film?
Great fun, because we're all dear friends, and we've all known each other for so long, and to work with them all has been a blast. Sonum and Bipasha, I've worked with before, they're wonderful, and they’re great co-stars to have. For me it's been wonderful. We were just too busy having fun.

Is your style different from what it normally is?
I hope so, you try and achieve a new look in every film. So I hope the audiences like the look in the film.

We haven't seen you do many films since Dum Maro Dum. Where have you been?
I don't know why I'm always asked this question. I'm one of the busiest actors in the film industry, I make 3-4 films a year, compared to some of my colleagues who make one film every two years. But it's a good thing, I guess you miss me right? (laughs)

What’s next?
I'm currently working on a comedy and early next year I start work on Dhoom 3.

Can we expect you to be doing all your sassy moves in this film?
Yes, there is a fair amount of that.

Have you been hooked on working out for this film? It was tough and demanding. Whenever you're doing an action film, you know your body needs to be in great shape. You don't want to get hurt so you have to be in very good condition.

Any films in the pipeline with your dearest father, or your wife?
Yes, I start a film with my dad late next year. With Aishwarya, not right now, she’s busy with the baby.

Does your daughter look like you?
I hope she looks like her mother.

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