After Dark

The MC is back on UK shores

Posted: 23.07.12

He's as elusive as his name suggests: The Dark MC is a mystery when it comes to tracking him down, mainly because he's normally globe trotting somewhere exotic.
In a short space of time Dark has built up fan bases in Dubai, Canada, Australia and India where hoards of music lovers have fallen for his heavily basslines, sharp synths and explosive live performances. But thankfully he's realised where home really is and now Dark is back in the UK this summer with a brand new track.
Featuring the sultry tones of Miss Pooja, Aetbaar is a magical song with an energetic soul and is accompanied by a stunning video shot in majestic locations across Delhi and Jaipur.
The track is out now and later this year The Dark MC is set to release his second album. Keep an eye on for more updates.

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