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What does a successful Bollywood actor, VJ & singer do in her spare time? Shop, of course. Anisha Vasani gets stylish with Anusha Dandekar

Posted: 18.10.11

You’re not afraid of doing bikini shots, are you?
Clearly not. Every time you Google my name, that’s all that shows up! I didn’t like the Maxim shoot much though, I wanted them to bronze me up a little bit but I ended up looking plastic. I’ve grown up with the bikini beach culture in Australia, so I don’t feel self-conscious or even particularly sexy – in most of those shots I stand like a boy. The only problem is once you do a bikini shoot, the rest of your pictures just vanish into thin air!

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, we say…
My mum taught me that you’re never going to have the body you had at 16, so use it while you have it! There’s always a borderline between pushing it too far so I know where my limits are. You want your grandkids to look back at these photos and see how hot you were. Everybody thinks when I have a child I’ll turn her into a Barbie doll, and they may well be right…

You’re known for your confidence…
Nobody really knows this about me because they think I’m this intimidating, independent woman, but I’m extremely sensitive and highly emotional and that’s an exclusive to Asiana. I used to get affected by what was written about me, but I’ve had to stop myself caring or else I’d end up insane. Good or bad, people are allowed to have their opinions, and I know however bad someone’s opinion of me might be, it won’t be bad like in the way it would be towards, say a murderer or rapist. So I don’t let a bit of negative criticism bring me down anymore.

You’re a shopaholic. Your wardrobe essentials?
Confessions of a shopaholic, oh gosh. I used to be terrible, but I’m so done with it. I still shop but it seems more like a chore now than the obsession it used to be. I have to constantly update my wardrobe – as well as presenting, singing and acting, I host a fashion show so there’s a lot of pressure – so you can’t get away with repeating your look. My clothes and shoes are taking over my apartment – I don’t think I have any room for any more! I’m a mood dresser – if I’m feeling girly then I’ll wear a dress, with all the bows. If I’m feeling really grungy, then I’ll go a bit wild.

What do you get up to on a normal day?
I used to love doing lots of things but then everything seemed like work after a while –  partying, shopping, going to a parlour or salon. These days, I’d rather have friends over or go to a friend’s place and basically eat lots of junk food. I love chocolate! Then unwind in my cartoon pajamas (I have a fetish for them) and watch Family Guy. I just want to close the chaotic world out there for a while. No doubt I’ll go back in full swing again.  

What does it take to survive Bollywood?
You need real people around you. Ones that keep you grounded, and are honest, because you can have millions of people telling you how great you are, but you don’t want to become delusional, so you need a reality check. I know I’m not intelligent enough to be a doctor, so I’m grateful to be in a job I’m good at. I get sad when I see contestants on talent shows who don’t realise they don’t have what it takes to be a star. If you wake up in the morning and can say ‘God, I love my job’ then be thankful. It’s what keeps me going!

How tough has the industry been for you?
Gossip columns are going to be what they are – I appreciate they have to sell papers and I laugh it off. I was with an old boyfriend at a zoo in Australia and next thing I know, the papers are saying I got married in secret. In a zoo? In front of a bunch of monkeys? It’s so mad you have to laugh. According to them, I date pretty much everyone apparently! Every person I have lunch or dinner with, they assume I must be seeing them. A new boyfriend every Monday. Great! I think I’m going to be single for the rest of my life because everybody thinks I must already have a boyfriend!

So do you have a boyfriend?
I don’t ever really talk about my personal life, so whether I’m single or not, it will remain a mystery but I like boys, not girls, so, let’s clear that up.

What’s your biggest weakness?
I’m too emotional and it takes over my life. I feel guilty, or my conscience eats me alive. I can’t take it. I need to really work on those. After that, I don’t know, good food, good movies, and chocolate.

Your ultimate dream?
To have a business in fashion. So, after all the pop, acting, and the drama, I want to come out with my own line. I already have a name for it – you're going to love it when it I tell you, trust me! I want to dress the world because I think every girl is a diva and should look like one.

What’s next?
I’m playing a tennis player a Maharashtra film that I’m really excited about because I only have one grandparent left, and my whole family is from there so I’m dedicating it to her. She kind of knows what I do but doesn’t really get it, but I think she’ll be so happy that I’m speaking her language. And, of course, I’m in Delhi Belly, and it’s brilliant how well it’s being received.

•  Delhi Belly will be released on DVD this autumn.

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