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Anushka reveals why she is a true beauty…

Posted: 02.03.12

You are looking hotter than ever. Would you say there has been a transformation from the girl next door to the more glam look?
Its not something that I would say I was looking for, but definitely for me as an actor you play different characters, different roles, and this one was different, and it just so happens that she dresses this way, but in terms of ‘hot caution’, it wasn’t really the intention at all. The intention was three different characters, we are a part of a script, facing challenging roles, and that’s about it, but I’m glad you guys have liked it and appreciate it.

Have you had a real learning curve?
I think it really is a learning process, you live and learn and there’s so much to learn here. Apart from your work, there’s so many things - it takes some time to get used to this place, it’s a very fast paced life, it’s a very highly competitive industry so you have to think firmly so it is a learning procedure, but I’m enjoying it and I get to do what I like to do everyday in the morning. I wake up and I get to be an actor, which makes my life more interesting because I think I would get very bored with my everyday life.

What’s one big lesson you’ve learnt in the industry?
It’s a job, it’s a very informal industry because its not an office where you work from 9-5 and you have a boss etc. At the same time you cant forget it’s a workspace, you have to leave your personal life and personal emotions away and work on a professional level and I think that’s very important.

This is your second film with Ranveer Singh. Looks like you both have great chemistry…
I do feel that chemistry and if you’re decent actors, then you can just follow the script and then the chemistry comes out. The chemistry is not in the hand of the actors but in the hands of the script.

What did you love the most about your character in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl?
She is somebody who is giving this guy a run for his own money, she is his match, she could bring him down a bit and give him a tough challenge.
Do you believe that men always lie?
They don’t always lie, but if they have to lie, then they do lie.
Do you believe that you should always give a man a second chance?
Depends on what he’s done.

Have you realised that you don’t have to do too many films to prove you’re a talented actor?
I think today each film is seen very differently, people always ask why I haven’t done so many films. My answer is that I should be doing good films and be a part of good scripts, and I should be giving good performances and that’s important. You put your sweat and gut into a project for six whole months, your whole life is only about that film - you don’t need you parents, you don’t need your friends for that period, so you don’t want to be doing something that your not convinced about.

We see that you’re a natural beauty...
I think the kind of films that I’ve done, the girls were always very real, and I think that I’m blessed with very good skin, that’s why I don’t use a lot of makeup. I don’t look good with too much make up. I think visual appearance is very important but I am someone who believes and want girls to believe that its not the end of the world. All those insecurities create to things like girls wanting to get plastic surgery done, which is fine but it can also lead to a lot of self doubt and insecurities. I prefer gaining confidence and being comfortable, rather than trying to create an alter ego and change my image.

Your first film was alongside Shahrukh. What was that like?
He made me feel comfortable, I didn’t feel scared, I mean honestly he could’ve intimidated me, but he chose not to. He was lovely, so supportive.

What’s next?
The next film is called Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, opposite Imran Khan and it’s a dark comedy, with a brilliant script, it’s so funny. I laughed so hard when I heard the script.
Ladies vs Ricky Bahl is out now 

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