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Fresh from the blue carpet we nabbed as many celebs as could to find out the latest gossip!

Posted: 07.11.12

If anyone told me that I would win this award two years in a row then I would have never believed them! I’m so grateful to my fans for voting for me – it actually means so much, music is a huge part of my life and there are many people out there who don’t really know that but it has been since I was a kid, so to be here at the AMA’s and be recognised, as an artist is fantastic! I still love acting too - look out for my brief comeback in Eastenders this month!
Preeya Khalidas (Best Female)

Although you’ll find me in India these days I was born in Wembley and it was my first time performing at Wembley Arena, so it meant a lot to me. I’m also looking forward to performing at Diwali on The Square at the weekend, it’s going to be energetic and mad! It’s also the same day as my friends wedding so I need to go to his nikkah then rush to Trafalgar Square!
Ash King (Celebrity Guest and Performer)

I was so nervous presenting the award to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, he’s a legend. We listened to him on the journey up to London – I can’t believe I got to meet him too! It was an honour, normally it’s my brother on the stage. But Amir is currently in America, it’s a shame he couldn’t be here too. Though I’m also following in his footsteps and am making my boxing debut on January 19th. I’ve already done 90 fights and the nicest part has been having our mum there at all of them. In the Pakistani community it’s really important to get that family support which we’ve always had. I’m definitely sticking with boxing – I can’t sing to save my life!
Boxer Haroon Khan (presented Best International Act)

We’re having a great night, it’s the first award we’ve ever given out! It’s shame we didn’t make it onto X Factor live shows but the feedback has been really good and positive. We were together before and we’ll be together after it!
Times Red (Presented Best Female)

It feels amazing to win my first ever award – hopefully there’s many more to come! I also got to perform too, which was amazing – as for where I’ll put it, I don’t have a mantelpiece – so maybe just on the table next to my couch!
Arjun (Winner Best Urban Act)

It feels amazing! I’m still studying at school, but music is my passion. Performing in front of so many people was incredible – the rehearsal was so different as there was no one in the Arena, when it was filled with people it seemed much bigger!
Amanjot Sangha (Nokia Unsigned Act)

I’m really chuffed, Best Album is one of the biggest awards on the night! The entire album is in Panjabi – I’m a proper Desi guy!
JK (Winner Best Album)

It feels great to be recognised for all my  hard work and talent. I didn’t expect it but I knew I’d worked for it. Next up I’m releasing my first official single with Dr Zeus – everyone’s talking about it, it’s looking to be the biggest track of the year! It’ll be out around the end of the year December! We’re looking to shoot a big budget video, maybe in India or Dubai or maybe in London. We’ll see!
Shide Boss (Winner Best Newcomer)

It feels absolutely splendid to win this award and was overwhelming to get a standing ovation. It’s always so fun being in London too! As for what we’re doing next, watch out for us in a Bollywood film and a new album…’
RDB (Best Desi Act)

Before I go on stage I drink lots of cranberry and apple juice with sugar – I tend to get a huge adrenaline rush, if you don’t nervous before you go on stage there’s something wrong with you! Today I’m just enjoying the night though I’ve given out awards in previous years. Look out for my DVD out this month, called What’s Up White People.
Paul Chowdhury (Celebrity Guest)

It’s so cool, walking down the street and people will start singing Jugni Ji but also very overwhelming. We have a lot of fun as a team and are planning a whole album together! As for who’s going to keep this award, hopefully we’ll all get our own copy!
Kanika, Shortie and Billal (Dr Zeus, Winner Best Producer)

Our idea of a big night out is getting ready while listening to our show on BBC Asian Network every Saturday – then heading out to a club where we’re doing a set! We like to party hard and of course there’s always three to four bottles of champagne!
Panjabi Hit Squad (Winner Best Club DJ)

This last year I opened my own label called Imran Khan World; it’s my world now so I’m going to do what I want to do! I’m also getting married this year to a little princess!
Imran Khan (Celebrity guest)

Believe or not I actually bought my dress this morning! I was originally styled by Pronovias, Barcelona, the Spanish brand and I had a beautiful ballgown with a long trail, but when I wore it last night my husband kept stepping on it and I thought right if he’s stepping on it when he’s sober, what’s going to happen at the AMAs? So I went to Westfield this morning and queued up outside!
We’re both really enjoying married life, it makes you healthier as you stop having that stress of rushing around and trying to meet someone. I feel sexier too and can be who I want to be.
Neev (Best DJ)

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Interviews by Sonia Ahmed and Momtaz Begum-Hossain

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