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There's no stopping ADF

Posted: 21.05.13

Punk rock, rhythmic raps, jungle vibes and some serious hardcore bass…last week’s Asian Dub Foundation gig at The Indigo 02 generated enough energy to power an entire city.

Showcasing new tracks from their forthcoming album and marking a return of original members Dr Das and Pandit G, the bands first live show in over a year proved why they are still one of the best bands in the world – 20 years after they first formed.

Joined on stage by Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee who beatboxed his way through the set, via his flute, and various vocalists, the 1.5hr set also dipped into the bands past playing their tribute to French film La Haine and classic ADF tracks like Naxalite, Rebel Warrior and Fortress Europe.

It’s never easy unleashing new tracks to a hungry crowd, but no one looked like they didn’t know the tunes; confidence and charisma ensured the guys belted out track after track without a pause for doubt.

In response fans showed their appreciation by dancing all night. The only crime committed was that Pandit G’s DJ set at the end of the gig, didn’t go on for longer. 

Even me, a devout fan whose lost track of how many ADF gigs I’ve been to was blown away by their performance.
It goes down as one of their best gigs ever – top tunes, quality sound and buzzing atmosphere, just what Friday night’s were made for.

ADF are currently touring festivals:

May 25 – Knockengorroch Festival – Scotland
8 June – Wilwarin Festival – Germany
29 June – Paris Solidays
20 July – Rota Festival Airumba

Momtaz Begum-Hossain

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