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Why you should not miss Atif Aslam in concert this bank holiday weekend…

Posted: 28.08.15

Atif Aslam, the dashing smooth crooner is back to serenade screaming girls at The O2 this weekend for an impressive third time now. But why should you spend your bank holiday at this world class arena, being wooed and having your heart melt like chocolate by a belting hottie? Enough said really. If you really need more reasons, we had a chat with Naz Choudhury, the Artistic Director of Bollywood Showdown, who reassured us why this year, fans of Bollywood and Atif Aslam are in for a night to remember.



Raw talent
First and foremost – one of the most talented young singers to ever grace the desi musical world is coming to perform on a global stage. He is known to never disappoint fans, by putting on an electric, goose-bump inducing performance (I can personally vouch for that). You will be singing along, swaying like in a trance, up on your feet like a maniac, screaming until your insides hurt and clapping until your hands are sore. And that’s not a description of a deranged fan, that’s just the Atif Aslam effect.

Dance the night away
A dancing extraordinaire by nature and profession, Naz is the man leading the talented dance troupe Bolly Flex all around the world and who you might have seen on Sky 1’s Got To Dance and Strictly Come Dancing. He will be performing alongside his shimmying dancers on stage, and also told us that he’s trying his best to get Atif to shake a leg or two, although he insists he’s no dancer! So be prepared to enjoy the spectacle and be inspired to throw a sneaky tumka here and there.

He knows what he’s doing and does it well
As Artistic Director, Naz’s passion for music and dance led him to produce all previous consecutive Bollywood shows at The O2, working with massive stars including Sonakshi Sinha, Shahid Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Malaika Arora Khan, Ali Zafar to name a few. A man of many connections, his best buddy Honey Singh even surprised fans at one of the shows as a bonus and honour to his pal Naz. Now that’s a great fan to share chaar botal vodkas with! Naz has worked with Atif Aslam for several years now (another amazing friend to have – we’re so jealous) and each show has been a major success, hence why Atif keeps coming back to the UK, much to ours and his fans’ delight. Naz definitely knows what he is doing, which is why Atif appreciates his creativity. The man has even performed for Malala!

Battle of the egos
Working with stars is no small feat – the bigger the star, the bigger the ego. Thanks to Naz and his team’s wealth of experience in the industry, he is a pro when it comes to managing big personalities and talents, which reflects in the success of his shows and the standard of entertainment, as the stars can vouch for feeling comfortable and well looked after.

Support a great cause
Naz and his team hope to create awareness through this show by fund raising efforts for Nepal, following the tragic natural disasters that took place there. So not only can you have a fantastic evening, you will also be supporting an important cause. 

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