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10 years old and a rising star in the world of acting…introducing Reiss Jeram

Posted: 29.05.13

It’s not every day that we get to talk about celebrities as special as young Reiss Jeram. The name may be new to you, but you and the rest of the world definitely know him – he’s the cute little boy who had a starring role in the opening ceremony at last year’s Olympics, appearing alongside dancing legend Akram Khan. 

Catapulted to fame after this life changing appearance, Reiss has since landed parts in a number of major productions including television dramas and adverts. 

When we say ‘look out for him he’s hot property’, we really mean it! Reiss took some time out of his busy schedule of attending school, with being an actor for an exclusive interview for Asiana.TV.
He describes his journey so far in his own words…

I’ve been acting since I was 5…
I used to perform shows in front of the family and often still do this with my cousins. My parents spotted my talents decided to send me to Chrystel Arts Agency and Theatre School initially to gain confidence in public speaking and performing, however I was certainly never a shy young boy and I took to it straight away! 

Akran Khan personally chose me…

For the Olympics opening ceremony I was chosen out of an initial 100 children and then made it to the final four. We all had to audition in front of Akram Khan – I still can’t believe that I was the lucky one. We rehearsed for 15 days over a two-month period before the ceremony. On the day I was pumped, excited and ready to do it. Watching it back now has made me feel that if you work hard and do your best you can achieve amazing things. 

Auditions are fun but also tough... 
For the Olympic audition I was asked to pull Akram Khan's body across the floor! But the hardest so far was for the part I had in a short BBC film called Found, which was recently screened, as I had to remember lots of lines for it. 

One of the highlights so far has been working with David Beckham...
I made an advert for David for Sainsburys. It was really exciting as he’s so famous. He was really nice and even gave me a signed football!

I like to aim big

My dream role while I am still young is to be in a movie as the main character with lots of exciting scenes!
I would also like to be an architect as I enjoy Lego and building and creating models.


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