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Desi comic Paul gives us a taste of the laughter-life

Posted: 16.05.16

Dedicating the last 21 years of his life to humour, Paul Sinha is a stand-up who has not only experienced global success, but has also become a household name in the UK, following regular appearances on gameshow The Chase. The doctor-turned comic and self-confessed gameshow addict has reached a point where he's living the dream, getting paid to make people laugh. Later this month he is appearing at The Southbank's Alchemy 2016 we caught up during his preps to find out more about what it's like to live the laughter-life...

I've always been a walking encyclopedia...
Ever since I was a child I have consumed general knowledge, it started with my dad buying me an encyclopedia when I was at school. After that I grew up on a diet of gameshows - I love them all from Mastermind to University Challenge. Having so much knowledge is all good content for joke writing.

People have always laughed
Most comedians start by performing at open mics in pubs and bars and it can be a nerve-wracking experience. But for me, I've hardly ever been heckled off stage, people have always laughed at what I have to stay and the more experienced you get the more you can simply handle the audience by giving them what they want. After 21 years in the business people know what they are getting from me - I'm not expecting any 'death-on-stage' moments any time soon.

Comedy v sport. 
It might sound strange but I've decided not to do the Edinburgh Festival as I'd rather stay at home and watch The Olympics. I've had some great festival experiences but I love my athletics and would rather stay in. I loved London 2012 it was such an incredible time in the city so I had no plans to go to Rio, London was my fix but I love watching it on TV!

On being a Brit
My book is called British Citizenship Test: Everything you need to know to call yourself British. Bring British automatically gives you so much to talk about which is great for content. Our strongest quality is the ability to laugh at ourselves but one way we could improve is when it comes to religion. I think it's great when people are proud of their own religion but they shouldn't push it on to other people - that's a trait British people should try and have.

Centre Stage
Being a comic is amazing but it was never planned. I was a doctor and also on the comedy circuit for five years then one day things changed. That night I got an incredible response and an agent, so I eventually had to decide on which career path I wanted to stick with. I chose comedy and have never looked back but I'm still open to diversifying, everyone should and that's why I wrote the book. But of course nothing beats the live stage it's a comic's bread and butter. Being asked to do Alchemy this year is a real honour I can't wait to see you all there!

Paul Sinha and Guests will be performing at The Southbank's Alchemy 2016 on Monday 23rd May. Book tickets. 

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