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The first lady of curry Madhur Jaffrey returns

Posted: 22.10.12

Hooray! Our fave TV chef, the only queen of curry, Madhur Jaffrey is back on our screens with a new cookery show and accompanying book.
In Curry Nation she takes us on a journey across the UK, serving up 100 new recipes from different regions that capture how South Asian cuisine has changed in Britain over the years. With mouth-watering recipes that showcase Punjabi, Gujarati, Goan, Paris, Bengali, Rajasthani and Jain dishes…these are scrumptious, simple recipes that curry connoisseurs will adore.

Speaking about her new book at a special launch event for the South Asian Literary Festival event last week, Madhur disclosed some of the foodie discussions she had with other chefs on her travels while writing the book. Talking about the debate over whether curry tastes better with your hands or using cutlery, she said, ‘I was invited by a lady who teaches cooking to eat at her house. As I began eating, she said to me that she didn’t understand ‘how people eat with their hands - it’s so dirty’. I said that it was a sensual pleasure, to touch and feel the food you are eating. You don’t make love with chopsticks after all.’

There are certainly some dishes in the book that will over excite your senses! Beautifully designed, with sections divided by colourful sari prints, you’ll find every thing you need to create the perfect feast including appetisers, dals, breads, pickles, chutneys, chai, sweets like coconut barfi and of course some very tempting mains like hot Punjabi king prawn curry, whole roasted masala chicken to liven up a Sunday lunch and modern vegetarian dishes like aduki bean and sweet mango curries. Perfect for warming you up on a winter evening.

Curry Nation by Madhur Jaffrey is out now, published by Ebury Press (£20) The TV show begins on the Good Food channel on Thurday November 4th at 9pm. Sky/HD 247, Virgin 260.
The South Asian Literary Festival runs from 1st-10th November, visit to find out more about the events.
(Madhur Jaffrey portrait image by Lisa Levart.)


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