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Life coach Sayeda Habib discusses her new book

Posted: 02.04.13

Tell us about your new book Life Coaching For Muslims.

My book is a practical guide, written for the Muslim community - life coaching however is for everyone and as a life coach I work with all kinds of people, helping them grow and develop physically and mentally. The book takes a structured approach – it can be used as a manual, wherever people may be on their journey, they can use it as and when they want to work on the development of their life.

What is Life Coaching?
People come to coaching when they find that something is not working, life is not going the way they want it to. In life coaching you work though a range of questions, exercises, and dialogues in a one-to-one with the coach. Together you go through techniques that will help structure your life, which can help with issues such as stress, relationships and health; any areas where you feel blocked. 

Who can benefit from it?

Life coaching is not a need, anyone and everyone can benefit from it. Coaching helps you with where you are to where you want to be. Clients come to me when they feel they need a change in their life, as a coach I help them to achieve and reach their goals. At the moment I have a client who wants to be a writer and I use coaching techniques with her to help her keep on track with her ambitions. 

How does religion tie in with life coaching?

Although this book has been written for the Muslim community it can be read by people of any faith, they will particularly find the case studies within the book interesting as they are real human stories. I have had feedback from non-Muslims who have read the book and they have told me they related to and have been guided by the book. 

Tell us about some of the quotes you selected from the Qu'ran that are in the book? 

There is a reference in each chapter from the Qu'ran and these quotes are a reflection of the chapters though there are so many quotes I could have used - it was a difficult selection process.
I wanted to highlight that in the Muslim faith, personal development is encouraged. 

Your book falls into the self-help category, can such titles really help people?

Self-help books can help people, they aren’t just something you just read, you engage with them and in the case of my book if you do the exercises you will find it benefits you further.
A life coach and a client have a special dynamic, but for people who are not yet ready for life coaching or they don't have the time, the book is the next best thing for them.

Life Coaching for Muslims by Sayeda Habib is published by Kube Publishing and is out now. 

Interview by Raj Mehta

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