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Essential summer reading, inspired by Bollywood

Posted: 16.07.12

If you thought Indian movies were addictive on the big screen, wait until you get your hands on one of Puneet Bhandal’s books.
Capturing the same glitz, glamour and gossip of the movie world, Puneet has used her own industry secrets to create fictional tales for young readers and those who love a good bit of escapism.
Film journalist Puneet spent several years working as an Entertainment Editor on a major newspaper where she was lucky enough to interview A’list stars, peak behind the scenes of film sets and smooch with directors. She reveals: ‘When I was a young teenager, I never really read books as I didn’t find any particular novels appealing. Instead, I read masses of Bollywood film magazines. Today, Bollywood still has a very strong influence over the Asian community in the UK, including children. It’s great to think my books are encouraging kids who wouldn’t normally pick up a book, to read.’

For the third title in her popular young people’s series, Puneet has decided to leave the major celebs behind and focus instead on the world of the unknown; stunt people. Stuntman is about a handsome hero called Ravi Verma who despite his good looks and ability, is constantly reminded about his ‘lower status’ by other major actors…until he gets a life-changing opportunity, to shoot some stunts in Switzerland. Puneet explains: ‘Stuntman aims to show that the people behind the scenes also work very hard and contribute to a film’s success even though they get paid less than actors and are risking their lives.’
And it’s not just the lesser-known heroes who featuring in the limelight. Puneet has also used the story to highlight another issue close to her heart; the environment. She says: ‘Green issues are important to all of us now.
I have used this book to try to make young people more aware of environmental issues.  While the focus remains on entertainment, hopefully Stuntman will encourage readers to think about what they can do to help save the planet from carbon emissions and pollution.’

The book which includes fantastic illustrations is a follow up to Starlet Rivalry and Double-Take. All three contain the elements that are essential for a good masala movie; action, romance, family and drama. If you’ve not read one of the Bollywood Series books before, make sure it is the only trilogy you take on holiday with you this summer!

To find out more about Puneet and her brilliant books visit Stuntman is available now in paperback and as an Ebook.


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