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Forget Zayn. The next big name in Brit music is Reece Bahia...

Posted: 28.04.16

Currently melting hearts on stage in the Rifco Arts production Laila The Musical, Reece Bahia is a star that's getting brighter by the day. Having recently turned 21 and with some of the world's biggest musical legends already a fan of his work, (Kylie Minogue and Simon Cowell have both personally complimented his voice), Reece is riding high on a wave of success and he deserves every splash of it. He's not just utterly gorgeous and totally charming, he's a powerhouse of talent too - real, raw talent. More than just another performing arts student done good, Reece is a Pop Icon in the making. Start following his journey now before he sells out stadiums. We caught up with the boy wonder in between rehearsals for Laila...

Reece, let's start with the quiff. You are total boyband material, why are you not currently forming the next One Direction?
I've had plenty of offers! There's nothing wrong with being in a band but I grew up on a diet of listening to solo male artists who were all visionaries - Tom Jones, Elvis (that explains the quiff then!), Little Richard, Prince and Michael Jackson. I want to own the stage myself, and be a pop icon in my own right, known for my own style. 

You sung a One Direction tune when you appeared on the BBC programme The Voice - the comparisons to Zayn are clearly inevitable...
The show actually choses the song they want you to sing - I would have gone for something different but I have a lot of respect for Zayn. I really like his album and it's done so well, you can't knock him.

It was Kylie that told you to concentrate on finding your own 'musical personality' when you appeared on The Voice when you were a wee 18 year-old, what have you done with her advice?
Being on the show was the most nerve-wracking moment of my entire life. When you enter the stage it is dead quiet but I had an amazing time, it was an incredible experience and absolutely, I've taken on her advice. I've been compared to Bruno Mars and other talented male artists and I'm flattered - I'd like my music to remind people of other artists they like, but also to hear it and know that it's my sound, which is what I am focussing on.

Well you've certainly got further than most people who enter reality TV comps! Your debut EP has just been released, tell us a bit about it.
It's called Addicted and there are six tracks that I worked on with a fantastic producer. I wanted all my tracks to be different so I told him what I wanted - something that's risky, something a bit dirty...even a bit of an Eastern vibe. My music is mainstream but there is a track on there with an Eastern influence. It's out now on Itunes so check it out!

Laila The Musical is your first proper foray into acting, how are you finding it?
It's so much fun, it's amazing to work alongside such a talented cast. Now we're on tour we're living together too so I see everyone for 24 hours a day. It's a mad house, noisy and full of big personalities but we all get on really well. 

You're playing Qay, in what is one of the most romantic tales ever....has it rubbed off on you?
I live, breath and sleep romance! I really like my character we have a lot in common like his passion and dedication and I really admire what he would do for love, but I'm not sure if I would stay chained to a desert - that's the side of him I don't have! 

You're 21. The world is your are you biting into it?
I've done some amazing things already from modelling jobs that have taken me abroad, to releasing my EP and going into acting. I'd love to do some more TV work. At one stage I was thinking of doing a normal job, like becoming a dentist, but I realised that wasn't my vibe, I'm doing what I love and I couldn't be happier!

Laila The Musical is touring now: 
7 - 17 April Watford Palace Theatre
27 - 30 April New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich
4 - 8 May West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
10 - 15 May Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry
17 - 21 May Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch
24 - 28 May Theatre Royal Windsor
31 May - 4 June The Lowry, Salford

Buy tickets. Follow Reece on Twitter: @ReeceBahia16

Interview: Momtaz Begum-Hossain

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