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We catch up with PBN's new vocalist, former Miss Asiana Finalist, Serena Takhar

Posted: 21.09.15

Congratulations on being signed and managed by PBN. So how did it happen?
It’s been amazing so far. It all started when I watched PBN perform once and it inspired me to pursue a singing career. I've always wanted to sing so I sent him demos of myself singing and it just took off from there. I used to take singing lessons at school but never thought it would get this big. I'm just really lucky and privileged to be in this position now. 

You also have some serious moves in the music video girl! 
I love dancing but I never thought I was good. I tried to do what I could for the video and I hope to be able to improve upon on it for the next one. 

Tell us about your summer dance floor hit Jatti Nachdi?
It is surreal when I perform and when I see people know the lyrics. People have even started coming up to me - I can’t believe it's all happening. It’s hard to wrap my head around it but also so nice to hear these responses.

Who do you look up to in the music industry?
I think Kanika Kapoor is amazing. She is versatile and can do item Bollywood songs as well as classical singing. She is so talented, has an amazing voice and I inspire to be like that. 

Have you felt any pressure joining an established big name like PBN Collective?
PBN always told me to be myself and I think there is no point being someone else to please others. If people like you then that’s great. I don’t want to think too much into it, as in what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I prefer to just let things happen as they come.

Serena was a Finalist and Runner-Up is the Vatika Miss Asiana 2014 Beauty Pageant

We do of course know you from VATIKA MISS ASIANA 2014, where you were crowned the first runner up, what was that experience like?It was unbelievable. It was the first thing I ever did with modelling. I never pursued anything before that. It was so good, I had the opportunity to wear amazing outfits, people to do my make-up and to even hade people teach me how to walk the ramp! It made me feel so special I loved it. Not to forget Upen Patel he was such a sweet guy. Having him as one of the judges made the experience even better. 

I’m sure many people would agree that you are absolutely stunning, any tips or secrets you can share with us?
I think the most important thing is skin care. So before make-up it’s so important to make sure you look after your skin first. Drink water and remove make-up before you go to bed. Loads of my friends keep make-up on but I make sure I take it off. I can’t actually remember the last time I slept with my make-up on. I also like to dress myself so I pick my outfits according to my taste. I wore a sari recently and had loads of people asking me about it and where I got it. It’s actually my mum’s old sari. It’s good recycling because Indian outfits can become so expensive. 

What would you say is unique about you?
I think I can be versatile, I can be girly and wear a dress and heels but sometimes I’m so casual. I like to wear a shirt and my Timberlands. So I think I like trying new looks rather than sticking to one because that is what makes me different. I do like to experiment with my look.

You've already performed in many places already, which has been you’re favourite? 
The Smethwick Mela was definitely a good one! This was a few weeks ago. It was incredible as it was the biggest audience I have performed to so far. I also got to meet other artists and the atmosphere was really good. It makes you realise the work pays off. It helps that I get on with the group. We are like a little family, we spend time together outside of work too, they are so friendly I can talk to them about anything and not just work, so it’s great. 

Any advice you can give to any aspiring singers and models?
I would say don’t give up, keep doing what you want. I went through a lot of obstacles last year. It is important you make contacts. Talking to people is important. You just have to put yourself out there for people to notice you. 

What’s next for Serena?
Well PBN and I are looking into what to do for my next single. We want to keep it traditional but it is only a thought process so far. We will see what happens. Obviously it is going to be my debut now so it will establish my future look - I’m really excited! 

 Interview by Harneet Bhullar

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