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The new rom-com starring John Abraham will have you swooning…

Posted: 26.02.13

Arguably the hottest hunk in Bollywood…we’re always looking for an excuse to publish photos of one of our fave actors John Abraham. Thankfully he’s releasing a new film this Friday so we can feature him on our site guilt free! 

John stars as Ishaan, in I Me Aur Main. A charismatic, strikingly handsome music producer from Mumbai he leads a sheltered life that revolves around himself, his wants and his needs, which includes taking all the women in his life for granted – like his mum, who rests on his every word, his over-protective elder sister and long-suffering girlfriend Anushka. 

Then one day his picture perfect life comes crashing down around him. Fed up with his flirtatious nature and being taken for granted, his girlfriend throws him out and he’s forced to live on his own…but not for long.

Ishaan soon learns that his mother has left his father, and she promptly moves in with him. His female relationships go from bad to worse when his sister and best friend stop speaking to him and his new boss Beena asks him to resign. The once macho Ishaan finds his ego severely damaged and his confidence badly shaken. 

Then arrives the shining light; his new neighbour Gauri. From her he learns the importance of relationships and valuing women and begins to fall in love with her. Sounds like just our kind of chick flick!

I Me Aur Main is directed by debut filmmaker Kapil Sharma and features a fresh, catchy musical score by Falak Shabir, Sachin-Jigar, Gourav Dasgupta and Raghav Sachar.

The film releases through Reliance Entertainment on 1st March 2013.

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