Interview: Jacqueline Fernandez

The Bollywood bombshell talks about her most intriguing role yet in Brothers

Posted: 19.08.15

Congratulations on your new role in Brothers. It’s your first Dharma Production movie, was this a dream role, to be acting alongside two amazing superstars Akshay and Sidharth?
It definitely is, working with two guys who are so good looking and to be part a Dharma Productions film too - it couldn’t be better! I love Karan Malhotra I’ve always wanted to work for him so the fact that I got to this opportunity was amazing. It is a bit of an unconventional role but it’s such an amazing movie and an amazing story.

The film looks very intense. Was it ever competitive between Akshay and Sidharth? 
Not at all. I think that Akshay was very protective of Sid, I saw that there was a beautiful bonding between the two. Sid looks up to Akshay and Akshay is a really genuine and beautiful human being. He was there for Sid 100%. It was so much fun sitting in the audience, I was dying watching them fight it out in the ring giving a reaction. It was just so beautiful to see both of them and that that kind of strong connection and bonding. 

You’re probably the best judge of this, the ladies are all dying to know, which one out of the two has the best toned and fitter body?
Well it’s a bit difficult because for Brothers Akshay was made to reduce 10kg and Sid needed to put on 10kg so he became supper buff and Akshay became very lean. It was great, it was what there characters required they are both so gorgeous Akshay is so good looking even with that beard I nearly died. This is tough one… I am going to say both.

Did they ever get you to train with them, and get you in the boxing ring at any point?
Yes, they showed me a couple of moves. It was a lot of fun. They trained really hard, they were super prepared for their roles. I would sometimes disturb them and we'd play football and do something ridiculous like I would give them my commentary to make them laugh.

You play Akshay’s wife - you’re very simple and desi in this character, this must be a huge contrast for you as you normally play the glamorous siren. Was this a challenge for you?
Yes it definitely was a challenge! It is a bit of a crazy role to take on and it’s not easy if you literally can’t relate to being a mum of a sick child. It was extremely dramatic but I’m grateful that my role was like that because it helped me grow as an actress. It was not an easy one to do, we had a great Director. Karan helped me out - he pushed me to be working on the right emotions. It was great that I had him to guide me. It’s a very realistic look, not a very glamorous appearance at all. It had to be kept that way because of the subject matter. We were trying to push the envelope on a lot of the characters in Brothers and we wanted it to be as honest as we could about their portrayals.

How is Brothers different from your previous films?
In Brothers I was going into zones that I have not really entered before. My character is a very desi simple character. A lot of people would not have expected me to do such a role and maybe that is why Karan approached me for the role in the first place. It’s always good to keep the audience surprised.

This is the first time you worked with Karan, how did he bring out the best in you?
I was very aware that Karan had made Agneepath. He is pretty intense but working with him was a dream. I don’t care how hard my Director makes me work as long as I get a great shot as I want to see something amazing when I’m watching it myself. Karan would never let a shot go that he didn’t think was good enough and this way everyone benefits.

Both Akshay and Sidharth are Punjabi. Did you feel like an outcast?
There were times I entered the set and I would have no idea what was going on. There would be lots of jokes in Punjabi and a lot of conversations were in Punjabi that I wouldn’t understand but I learnt and picked it up so it was a lot of great fun as well.

What up coming films are you working on in the pipeline?
I have got a lot of fun and interesting projects coming up such as Dhishoom, The Flying Jat and Housefull 3.

Any plans to come to the UK anytime soon?
I will be down in London for the next two months, shooting for Housefull 3, so looking forward to that and hopefully I will see you guys then.

Brothers in on general release now.

Interview: Anisha Vasani
Assisted by: Aniqah Kazi

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