Dhoom 3 : Interview with Katrina Kaif

Sonia Ahmed quizzes Katrina on her preparations for Dhoom 3

Posted: 17.12.13

Congratulations for Dhoom 3. You must be so proud of such a huge trilogy?
Yes, the franchise is something that has a great reputation and people have loved the last two films and this is now the third part. What I liked about the script of Dhoom 3 is that it is extremely different. People are not going to come in and feel that they have already seen this. It is completely a new story with so many twist and turns. It keeps you at the edge of your seat. It is something really exciting. For me my character Aaliya, she was an acrobat. She was a circus performer. It was really exciting to be able to do this kind of performance. It has an amazing team. There were circus performers training to do aerial work, hoops, hooks, straps and acrobats. For me it was really about the performance in the songs and performance in the circus sequences. I knew it was unlikely that I’ll get a chance to do it again.

Have you always been a big Dhoom fan?
I think everyone loves the films, but I don’t know if I am a fan of any particular film. I just judge every film on its own individual basis and I loved Dhoom 2. I thought it was really good and an interesting film but as I said this film stands out on its own. 

What was it like to work alongside your partner in crime, Aamir Khan?
Aamir is such an amazing artiste. He comes on set as an actor to see what you as a co-actor can bring together to the film - he really supports you. I actually got to know Aamir after the film was over. During the making of the film I didn’t even chitchat with him that much. I only got to know him later. He would come onto the set really prepared and well spoken and it would drive you to do the same.

How much training was involved in your character, as I know you had to do a lot of acrobatic stunts etc.
A lot. Hours, hours, days and even months I can ensure you because what happened is that the film started a year and half ago, so I couldn’t at any point lose my fitness and strength. This is because for all of that circus stuff and you need to be strong to be able to do it. You have to lift your own body weight off your shoulders. I could never let myself slack. It was like nine or 10 months high level of fitness and I don’t even consider myself as athletic at all, so it was tough. For my intro song, which is called Kamli there was a lot of training. I worked with four or five dancers four or five hours everyday. 

You look like a natural born dancer.
I am not. I can ensure you that I’m not. There’s a big mirror with three or four dancers and we dance like crazy. They rehearse again and again until I get it right. You know the dancers I worked with they were so amazing that I had to put in the same effort and sense of passion and they did in the performance. You know they don’t have to, as nobody sees them, they can only see me. If  good you’ll get a pat on the back, but nobody probably knows the name of that person. They had to keep going until I got it right, which not only means that I had to dance again and again, they had to also dance again and again. They were always ready to do that.

Do you have a lot of say in what you wear and the styling aspect?
Anita does the styling for the film, she’s done all the Dhoom films and is the editor of Vogue so has an amazing style and a great sense of fashion. You almost don’t ever question her, but if there is something you are uncomfortable with you can say it. She was there with me every step of the way holding my hand and making sure that I was comfortable and making sure that I was happy with everything I was wearing. I think she’s done an amazing job. 

Are you a gym and health freak?
No. I only did what was required for the film. There were alot of sequences where your holding your own body weight on ropes and start swinging around on the set at a height of 30 feet so you have to be strong. I can tell you that the stunts in the film, which include bikes and fighting may have used some harnesses, but in the songs there were no harnesses that were ever used so there was no room for mistakes. 

You have a powerful presence onscreen - what do you hope to change in the industry.
What kind of mark would you like to make? I think for me I am at a stage right now in my journey, which is my career, where I am open in my mind to a lot of new things and I feel as a person and actor that there are a lot of different routes I want to go down without trying too much. I think its happening on its own, so you know the kind of films I am working on now are all very different from the films I have done the last two years. I am just enjoying that and it’s a very different world. Out of Dhoom where you have glamour, costumes, performance and dance and next I am being directed by Anurag Basu, which is really different and wonderful. It’s a completely different world. I think it’s all part of growing and that’s how you eventually supposed to leave a mark by showing your versatility.

Are you quite critical when you watch yourself back onscreen?
Unbelievable. I’m never happy with anything.

Every guy has you on his list, how does that make you feel to be called the sexist women alive?
I don’t believe that either! I don’t feel that and don’t believe that I can ensure you. I wake up like normal girls. I go through huge levels of insecurity. You have to take every day as it comes and try your best.

On a normal day what is your favourite outfit?
My tracksuit and my jeans.

Would you consider Hollywood, as you have a very international look?
If someone offers me a wonderful film that has a great script, then of course. Why wouldn’t you want to do it? English is my first language, but I’m not going anywhere, as this is my home. This is where I live, where I belong. I could never think of leaving. 

Are you currently single?
I have always said that until you’re married you’re single because you are not officially attached to anyone. Let’s leave it at that. When I’m married the world will know.

What’s next for you?
I’m working on a film with Anurag Basu right now with Ranbir and I am shooting for a film with Saif Ali Khan. I am shooting for another film called Bang Bang, which is directed by Suhan Anand with Hrithik Roshan, so I am kind of going between these three films at the moment.

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