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Kam Singh makes white noise

Posted: 02.03.12

Why is the Asian indie scene non-existent?
There have been mainstream acts such as Corner Shop, Babylon Zoo, but prior to that I haven’t seen any Indie Asian acts and you can’t include Jay Sean or Apache Indian. Maybe it’s not seen to be cool in the Asian community and it’s difficult as there isn’t a platform for me to perform with other artists from an Asian background.

Do you have a different childhood?
I was very different growing up. I went to an Asian upper class school with 10% white community, but all the other kids were into hip-hop, RnB, bhangra, which is cool but nobody liked Indie, rock, or knew about Oasis, and Blur. No one really cared and I did feel embarrassed that kind of music, and I think with girls I felt restricted. When you grow older you don’t really care what other people think, and if I could go back in time I would whip out my guitar and I’d risk getting beaten up.

What’s your style of music?
My sounds is acoustic rock/pop. I had over 300 songs written and have been doing this since I was 15 years old. I wasn’t sure what to put out there so I made an EP from scratch with something present, mainstream. White noise is about two people falling in love, and its just involved the vocal and guitar.
Light, lifting with a dark shade – have you had any dark personal encounters?
I try to lay off the dark stuff, and when you’re younger you try to write that but I’m not into the depressing stuff. I want to write about real things, normal day to day occurrences. It makes me happy. I never woke up to think I’m doing this to make money or for the fame. I just love doing it and when its for those reasons you don’t care what other people think.

You played in New York Time Square. Any funny encounters?
I went to New York and wanted to play open mics out there. I went to one venue to play and noticed that the crowd was hip-hop orientated and decided not to play. As I was walking back to my hotel, I was a bit disappointed so I played on New York Time Square and it was surreal. A lot of people were filming me, and thought I was really big. I told my dad the story and he asked how much money I made!

White Noise is available on itunes & amazon 

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