Kareena Kapoor Immortalised

Kareena Kapoor unveils her waxwork

Posted: 02.03.12

Congratulations on your new waxwork. How does it feel?
I am so grateful, and seriously overwhelmed with all the affection I’ve received from the UK fans. That's the only reason why I am here today at Madame Tussauds, because of all my fans out here in the UK, they have been here with me and supported me.

How did you feel standing next to the waxwork?
Well its definitely scary and you get taught that your legacy will live forever. It's also frightening but at the same time it captures a combination of all your hard work and shows an area of work where I have been for the last 10 years.

What was your initial reaction when you were approached?
They called my manager back in India and said they conducted a survey about celebrities and who they wanted to be the next wax model and they selected me. I thought 'really? Oh God!' because it's something that is iconic of its time. I'm just so touched that they approached me, but I hope in the future many more Bollywood stars will be asked. It would be an honour to Bollywood and India.

Was having a waxwork at Madame Tussauds always one of your dreams?
I never really even thought about it, but I always knew I wanted to be a movie star and act. Madame Tussauds is all about personalities and iconic figures so I never really thought I would be a part of that.

Are you happy with the outcome?
They got everything just right! The way they made me look is incredible, the eyes, the make up, the hair, it's shocking! When I saw it for the first time I thought, ‘she's more beautiful than me!'

This must be such a proud moment for you, especially holding up the Kapoor flag as well...
Exactly! I'm glad of my entire family crown, this has been such an important achievement for the entire family. They're extremely happy, and my mum has been with me the whole way.

Did you have any second thoughts about the waxwork?
No, I was quite excited, and it was a bit scary. But even the thought of being immortalised is such an honour, it just comes at you all at once, however I did not look back once.

When it came to art when you were younger would you illustrate yourself?
No, in fact I was really pathetic at it! I couldn't draw or anything!

Did you ever imagine that you would become one of the most sought-after actresses?
Since I was little I always dreamt of becoming a star and when I stand on this platform I obviously believe and am thankful that I dreamt of being here. I actually just pursued my dream.

When you first entered the industry were you always compared to sister Karishma Kapoor?
Everyone knows that Karisma and I are very different actresses, in our approaches; our personalities and I think the audience can feel that. We're both very close and love each other too much to let any kind of competition or issue come between us.

You've also become a style icon and been described as one of India's most beautiful woman. What's it like to have that certification?
Style icon? I love to hang out in my jeans and sneakers but at the same time fashion is something I live for. I love to dress up and am very feminine in that sense. I hope I can represent the girl-next-door and glam look.

We heard you love books now...
I do like reading especially when I'm on my own, but I'm too interested in movies that sometimes I don't.

Did you expect the success you had with Bodyguard?
I liked the movie, everybody liked it. I think I knew that it would be a hit with the Indians because it had all those key ingredients to make a movie successful.

Congratulations for Ra.One. What was it like working alongside Shahrukh Khan?
It's always fun, I've worked with him before and it's been such a pleasure working with Shahrukh. Especially being a part of his most ambitious film, it's been a real honour. It's India's first film of that kind so I was very lucky and honoured to be a part of it.

Would you say you're happier with your physique now?
I think so, the audience prefers me when my body is fuller and curvy and it suits me more. It is more normal to have a curvy body and I love food too much to change! Said is ecstatic! He thinks it’s great and encourages me to eat more.

A lot of women admire you…
I think there are lots of women that are entering the industry, not just men. They are all playing heroine roles, but it's up to each individual to really portray women. It depends on the role you get too. In bodyguard it was 50-50.

Did you once say that you regretted doing certain films because you were too greedy?
I think at one point I did too much work without actually realising what it was, but I've grown and maybe today if I was offered those roles I wouldn't have accepted as I did earlier. I probably would have done fewer films with better roles.

Why are you known as a diva?
I think sometimes after getting everything you want there's always a bit of downfall so I will accept that statement.

What's next?
Some more good films, I would still like to produce more good work in the coming years. I'm not really planning anything, I've never done that throughout my career.  

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