Lord Of The Disco

The bhangra artist set to shine

Posted: 03.08.12

His sister is the pop princess Ramee, his uncle the great Malkit Singh, and now it’s his turn to shine. Glaswegian based singer Munmeet Singh Sandhu, aka Lord Munmeet has embarked on a solo career after the successful album Dil Milde that he released with 17 year-old Ramee.

The Lord trained from an early age at the RSNO - Royal Scottish National Opera, where he learnt classical music in depth. He also trained at a Sikh temple, enabling him to perform traditional Kirtans and Shabads before being mentored by Guru Ji Prakriti Dutta.

Describing this incredible opportunity, Munmeet said: She taught me voice control and ragas. Not just to rehearse the ragas and the favoured popular sargams, but to invent my own from changing shudh and komal notes.’

His debut single Roki Na featuring Tigerstyle was released last month but it wasn’t just the sound that got him noticed; his Disco-inspired look is getting him admirable attention.

Mumeet admits he’s proud to be a Sardar and the turban will always be part of his look. He confesses: ‘I want to stand out so I support a Disco Turla - style is important to me!’ The sparkly, colourful nature of his attire certainly makes him one to watch for, after all it’s not everyday you come across such a hardcore fashionista in the world of bhangra.

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