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The rom-com with a difference

Posted: 20.06.14

All you closet Mills & Boons fans, it’s time to come out and be proud! To celebrate a new series of romantic chick lit novels, the Mills & Boons team have launched a web series called The Loedown which you can watch on You Tube. The leading lady in the 39-part comedy drama is actress Sheena Bhattessa who plays Jessie Loe, the Executive PA to General Manager of the fictional Chatsfield Hotel. A one woman show it takes you through the hilarious situations and scenarios she find herself in, involving hot barmen, naughty chambermaids and the unique characters who stay there.

Harneet Bhullar caught up with Sheena to find out more….

How would you describe your character Jessie Loe?
Jessie is very much the face of The Chatsfield and I was delighted to play the part. Jessie is a loving and romantic 29-year-old woman, disillusioned with love after having her heart broken when her boyfriend cheated on her. She is trying to find love through online dating.

Mill & Boons are known as romances…is the show romantic?
Yes it is a romantic comedy but it’s also a story of independence, love, friendship, dreams, ambitions and acceptance.

What can the audience expect from the series as a whole?
It is pure entertainment. I also feel that it is a new way of watching TV. It allows the viewers to get involved with the character. The character I play is very relatable to most women today especially as online dating is very popular these days.

How did you feel when you were approached to act in the series as a lead

Being an Indian it is very rare to be approached for a mainstream production. Especially being approached by a British company I felt that they were very open minded about casting. 

Where did your on screen journey begin?
I landed my first job in ITV's Whitechapel after my experience in Bollywood, working alongside Bobby Deol in the movie Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Saif Ali Khan in Love Aaj Kal. I have had the opportunity to be in TV and in film roles which have included Eastenders and Doctors.

Do you think we’ll see you in any more web shows?
There is a talk about more episodes for The Loedown but in these series you will be able to see where Jessie the character continues to go with her love life. I am very excited as it was an amazing experience and as I said before being a British Asian I feel very privileged to be given this opportunity. Hopefully more to come in the future, lets wait and see what’s next!

The Loedown episodes are released Monday/Wednesday/Friday on and also at Weekly until Friday 1st August which is end of Season 1.

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