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Former Miss Indian Earth Hasleen tells Sonia Ahmed what it was like to land her first movie role

Posted: 17.01.14

Is it true you landed your role in Karle Pyaar Karle (KPK) in just 10 minutes!
Yes! I still can’t believe it. Filmmaker Suneel Darshan was making a movie in which to launch the career of his son Shiv and needed a female co-star for him. We met, he looked at my pictures, we chatted for 10 minutes and then he offered me the role; within a week we were shooting. I’m glad that I’m finally doing a film because it’s been two years since I’ve won Miss India during which time I was still modelling but wanted to be an actor.

Tell us about your character Preet
Preet and I are similar in a sense because she is very confidant and an educated individual. She doesn’t mind speaking her mind. She rocks the attitude that ‘you can’t mess with me’. She’s a very strong girl and very bold. On the outside she’s a very strong and confident girl, but as the film proceeds you get to see the other side of her, which is softer and vulnerable. I think that’s how I am as a person as well because I do walk around with an attitude that you cannot me take for a ride, but once you know me better I’m a much simpler person.

What is it like working with Shiv Darshan? 
I couldn’t be luckier than this because for me to have my first co-star as Shiv, it’s like a blessing from the sky. He’s very handsome and such a comfortable person to work with; he’s like a boy next door. He helped me out with the script because he’s been part of the film for about two years. He was always supportive and very helpful in telling me a lot about my character. As a person I think he’s just fabulous and we have become such good friends now. 

In the film, you play Shiv’s love interest; tell me more about the relationship between the two characters?
Preet and Kabir are both very strong individuals. They’re young and they have a genuine rush all the time which makes them do spontaneous things that land them into trouble. Throughout the film the fact that they’re both such daring individuals means they get into trouble, that’s how the story unfolds and the love between them grows better and stronger. 

What about yourself, do you have a real life love interest?
I do have someone special, but I don’t want to reveal my private life. My ideal man has to be someone who is sensitive, mature person and understand the career I’m in. In terms of celebrities I have a secret crush in Aditya Roy, I think he’s cute!

Any good memories from shooting the film?
I’ll tell you a story that I laugh about it now, but it’s kind of scary. We were on an island were shooting in an area slightly away from the main city. I needed the loo but apart from the portable cabin there was a small pit in the ground for the toilet. I went inside the cabin to use it and just before I could I spotted a snake curled up right underneath it. It was a small snake, but it was quite long. I freaked out and ran but I laugh about it now because it’s really funny. 

In one of the promos you and Shiv are dancing in between tigers, what was that like? Weren’t you scared?
It was really scary, but we were instructed beforehand that they wouldn’t do anything to us, that we should stay calm and keep doing our thing. They have been brought up by monks, so they are supposed to be very calm and won’t attack. I had to play with the tiger cub, which was super active, it was scratching me all over and at the end of it I had scratches on my arms. 

Who is your role model in the Bollywood industry?
I really like Kajol and I love Madhuri Dixit as well, now she’s back on track, as her film is releasing on the same day as ours. I am quite honored that we’ll be competing with her because she’s the one person I’ve grown up watching and she’s the one person I’ll like to imitate from in terms of her acting skills and the way she dances. I would like act with the Khans, Ranbir Kapoor and of course Aditya Roy.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I hope to have made more films (hopefully one a year) and for people to consider me a good actor. I don’t want to limit myself, if Hollywood, Kollywood or Tollywood come calling then I'm ready!

Karle Pyar Karle starring Hasleen opens in cinemas worldwide on 10th January 2014, presented by Shree Krishna International and distributed by B4U.

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