Crowning Beauty

Meet Simran Gill the London lass hoping to be crowned Miss England 2011

Posted: 02.03.12

Why did entering Miss England appeal?
I didn’t even know it existed! I was Googling and came across the competition. The criteria said you had to be under 25 to enter and I’m 24. So I seized the moment and submitted my application, after all, it’s the last time I can take part!

How does it feel to be on the semi-finals?
I’m still pinching myself. I made it through on public votes but I still need your support to make it through to the finals. I’m up against 57 contestants which will be whittled down to 13 - the public vote is now open, please help me get there!

Why should we vote for you?
I’m a role model for multicultural Britain and I want my story to inspire girls all over the UK to show them they can achieve their goals. Just six months ago I was a successful investment banker but then a life changing illness forced me to leave. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a debilitating condition that affects your muscles and bones. I was bed ridden, in extreme pain and spent days in my room crying… with support from my friends and family I picked myself up and decided I wanted to do something positive. Entering this competition has boosted by confidence to levels I never knew existed.

We hear they’ve swapped the bikinis for trackies?
This year there isn’t a swimsuit round, instead it’s sportwear but I’ll be wearing something far more appealing than a tracksuit! It’s great because it means more Asian women like myself can enter the competition without worrying about exposing their body. The winner takes part in Miss World though where the swimsuit round still exists.

So does this mean you would wear a bikini?
No! I’d wear something more tasteful like a swimsuit with a sarong to show you can still look great on the beach without revealing your figure.

There’s also a recycled fashion round, are you an ethical shopper?
We’re obsessed with a fast fashion culture where people buy cheap clothes and throw them away after a few wears but I’ve always believed in wearing and sharing. I’m the youngest of four sisters so I have had my fair share of hand me downs!

Beauty v banking?
I loved banking, it was competitive but challenging. Since I’ve been on sick leave as well as embarking on my adventures to become Miss England I’ve started volunteering at an Ayurvedic Clinic where I help people who have drug and alcohol problems – it’s much more satisfying and because I’ve seen the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments for my own health, it’s something I support 100%.

So how can we vote for you?
You can vote now! Lines close at 5pm on Monday 13th July and the semi finals take place that night. Text 11simran to 84205 or call 09016561599 and punch in the number 11!  

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