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Posted: 10.04.15

2015 is looking like another great year for the Asian music scene especially when there is so much new talent around. One name to watch is Vix Sambi. An RnB artist with smooth, soulful vocals his debut single Don't Fly Away featuring Tariq Khan received rave reviews and he's now looking forward to getting stuck in and embracing his career as a singer and songwriter as Harneet Bhullar discovers....

So how did it all begin for you, was singing something you always wanted to do?
It began when I was only a small child. I sang to artists like my all time favourite Michael Jackson. When I got older started working and that's how I met various artists and listened to other artist's songs to learn and pick up ideas. I got tips and contacts and from there I started branching out to pursue my music career. I started self-teaching myself vocalling and still haven’t had any vocal coaching to this day then started working on lyrics for other artists before writing my own material and putting together my own track called Should Be Mine which was my first song. I never stopped working hard as an independent artist from that day in 2012 and I pushed my boundaries to reach my goals. I have achieved my dream goal which was to have Tariq Khan feature in my song since I listened to his songs all the time as a child. 

Who was it that noticed your talent first?
It was a very good friend of mine at this job where I met various artists. He was the one who mentioned me to other bigger artists and producers suggesting me for their EP, mixtapes and features. I can’t thank him enough for what he did and his help and support. 

So your recent single was released in February along with a video, tell us a little about this?
Yes! the single came out on February 12th on BritAsia and ITunes. The song is about my past experience in love. It was about someone I really liked who moved far away. The video is based on that. Trying to move on or forget about this person but it's harder than you think. 

What kind of music do you listen to?
I love my old school RnB/Soul. I listen to artist such as Neyo, Michael Jackson, Donell Jones. I also like listening to punjabi music and Bollywood mixes. I love Bollywood’s different styles of music and same goes for RnB music.

Is there any song that already exists that you wish you could have sang?
It would have to be a Neyo song that was in his second album called Make It Work. The song has a good meaning to it and it’s an excellent love song. There is another that was from the Bollywood film Mohra and the song is called Tu Cheez Badi.

What can we look forward to next from you?
I have many more new tracks featuring great artists and many more new music videos to come. 

Would you ever consider singing in Punjabi or Hindi?
Yes that’s something I am doing at this time. I am working on songs that have punjabi lyrics and English lyrics. Trying to mix both but in a different style.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would say still performing and writing also doing what I love doing which is music. See myself hopefully still helping other artist to develop their career like I have done with few and still make my own original material with bigger collaborations. The support I have had so far has been amazing and thank you to everyone who has stuck by me.

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