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Posted: 26.04.15

With a crowd of devoted fans behind him, Amrit Dasu is creating a storm in music industries across the world. The 23-year-old Asian singer from New York is part of UK Asian music producer Rishi Rich’s exciting new project, collaborating with Bhangra Artist Juggy D for his new urban contemporary single, That’s Right.

Amrit, a singer, songwriter and model, has already been labelled ‘the next Jay Sean’. After starting his explosive music career in the United States, he has taken to the UK to release his new single from the soundtrack of British movie, Amar Akbar and Tony, which was released on 17th April.

The latest heartthrob spoke to us about his single with Rishi Rich, and upcoming projects.

How does it feel to be part of the new Rishi Rich group and project?
It feels amazing. It’s honestly surprising because not a lot of people get this chance. And being the first Indian from America to do this, it’s a pretty big deal so I’m definitely blessed and honoured. 

How did all this come about?
When Rishi and me talk about it now, he always says that we were meant to meet. It started when his wife left a message on Facebook with an email saying they were looking for rappers. I saw it and thought - I’m not a rapper but I just want him to hear my music. I just had a feeling that I would be part of the group one day. When they emailed me back, they said they really liked my bio, and wanted to know more about me. So, I sent him some of my stuff and we started working back and forth. I had finished my second EP called November and he said - I’ll remix the song for you, and when it came out, the American crowd loved it. 

How did you first meet Rishi?
We didn’t really speak. I was just in touch with him through email. So I decided to fly him out to New York to our studio to work. And it just happened that he asked us to go out there to Atlanta. I was so nervous to meet him for the first time. They opened the door and he was standing right there with a big smile on his face and said: ‘Yo! How you doin?’ and I was taken aback! Learning from him and meeting him, I realised that he is one of the most humble people in this industry. He is such a nice person. 

Because you’re so young, what do you think made Rishi feel that you’ve got what it takes to be the next big thing?
I’m very, very passionate about my art. Being a Sikh, I believe that you protect what you love and at the end of the day, if I had to I would give up my life for what I love. And I think that’s what he sees, that I really love what I do. He opened a lot of doors for me and it makes me think that one day, I want to do that for someone else too. 

Do you think a lot of people will compare you to Jay Sean?
What he has done can never be compared to. I’ve met him three times and every time I’ve met him I’ve always told him - you’re the reason why kids like me can dream about getting into this industry. He’s been so kind. I know people are going to compare us, but at the end of the day, I truly know that once people hear my music, they’re going to know that we’re nothing alike. My style makes me different from him. The only thing that you can say we have in common, is our skin colour. 

Being American and being Asian, would you say you are an ABCD? (American Born Confused Desi)
No! What’s funny is that, I was raised in Hong Kong. My grandfather was in the British Army, so he had a chance to go there because Hong Kong was a part of the British Colony. I was born in the US, but my parents bought me back after 40 days. I was raised there for 16 years, being fluent in Cantonese. I didn’t live in India so Hong Kong is my second home - I am more oriental Asian than I am Indian. That’s what I feel like because I connect with those people a lot. I can speak Cantonese fluently, as well as Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English. I can speak Urdu because there’s a lot of Pakistanis in Hong Kong as well. 

How has it been in the UK?
This is the second time I’ve been here. It’s been awesome. This time I got to visit my favourite football club, Chelsea! I’m a big Chelsea fan. I’d like to meet all the players one day. I’ve realised British people can’t sound mean, even if they want to! They’re very proper when they speak. It’s very nice and different from us. It’s a great vibe out here.

Where would you like to see yourself 10 years from now?
I’d definitely like to have a bunch of Grammy’s in my house and still be working with Rishi. I’d like to have thanked him a hundred times for the Grammy awards and to be married with kids. I’m a big family person. I just want to keep making music and just do my thing. 

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Interview by Anisha Vasani

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